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Author: Rainer Nigrelli Submitted: 9th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 166

Edited By Rikus on 7/9/2004

NoseMan is a german Jump'n'Run which is very similiar to Super Mario. Have fun!

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Posted by Rikus 9th July, 2004

I loved it, great game, thumbs up!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th July, 2004

I can't wait to play/review this one!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th July, 2004

Wow...this is taking a while...
Posted by FlameCritter 9th July, 2004

YIPPEE!! We're all so cool.
Posted by Silveraura 9th July, 2004

You should try to find a way to translate it, maybe with babel. Anyway, I love the game & the graphics are good!
Posted by MasterM 9th July, 2004

haha i remember playing that years ago it's from 98/99, isn't it? kind of interesting that Rainer is still alive and that he even checks out TDC. YEAH I AM GERMAN ^_^
Posted by Wormware 10th July, 2004

It's a funny game. Can I skip the 'movies'?? Nice graphics btw, I really like the style!
Posted by Rainer Nigrelli 10th July, 2004

@MasterM: Yes, a long time ago... @Wormware: I'm sorry for not translating the game but my english is too bad. Yes, you can skip the 'movies' (ESC and then "a").
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 10th July, 2004

Reviewed! :)
Posted by J.A.P 11th July, 2004

8 MEGS? Downloading...
Posted by J.A.P 11th July, 2004

I didn't like this game... 1) Next time make game in english!! 2) The charachters doesn't differ so much from backdrops... everything is all same mass! 3) mmm... lib music, I like them... NOT! 4)Charachter was fun:D
Posted by Hill Gigas 11th July, 2004

The game is pretty slow paced. Probably not worth the big download for most people. The screenshots make it look like a 2 meg download, not an 8 meg download.
Posted by ThePodunkian 12th July, 2004

This game is basically the Funny Furries 2 engine with enemies. You should make your own engines.
Posted by FlameCritter 13th July, 2004

Your face is funny.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 13th July, 2004

I'm not really sure this was a 7/10...more like a 5/10-6/10...
Posted by Black&White 14th July, 2004

Yeahh!..I agree...sure there are some nice things about it but I don't think is very good overall.
Posted by Steve 14th July, 2004

I raally like this game, we have been playing it for two days, a lot of fun!
Posted by Hauptmann_086 18th September, 2004

Why is it in Deutsch?




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