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Review: NoseMan
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 10/07/2004

Nose Man
Reviewed by Lazarus on July 10th, 2004
Random thought: I eat babies to live longer.

Nose Man was a very fun (and sometimes hard) German platformer made by newbie Rainer Nigrelli. The engine is almost flawless, the graphics are great, the music made my brain hurt, and the sound effects made me want to eat my cat. On to the review!

Presentation: This game lacks good presentation. It opens with the creator's logo, and then cuts to a screen that says: "Nose Man: Nobody sniffs better." Then it cuts to the title screen, which is just a mouse controlled menu (with two options) a password box (which isn't visible), and a completely white backround. Not impressive at all. 6/10

Gameplay: This game play's a lot like Mario: you run around the screen while stomping baddies and collecting...(I dunno...dominos or something?). The engine is almost flawless. The only bugs I can find with it are as follows: Underwater I keep sliding off the platforms, and then when I'm near the bottom of the playfeild, my character looks like its having a meltdown. And 2) I slide off of platforms sometimes (in the grassy worlds). I think that the character is to slow, and his jumps aren't high enough, but that's just an opinion.
A little ways through the game, you can get a Jetpack. That was really cool. Take that, Mario!
What really bugs me is that I can't understand whats happening because all of the text is in German, so I couldn't tell you the storyline.
Sometimes I got really ticked off because the game got so hard. It took me a few tries to get through the level with all the sharks, and the level with the giant domino guy. There should be check points through out the levels. I ripped out my hair so many times that I'm bald now. 9/10

Graphics: All the graphics are really cool. I haven't seen graphics like this anywhere! All most everything has an overlarged nose. Hurrah! 9/10

Sound and Music: Sweet Jesus no! This music was awful! It sounded like a bunch of screaming monkies! The sound FX drove me nuts! I want to kill something! 0/10

Lastiblity/Overall: I haven't found any goodies in this game, so once I beat it, I was bored of it. Overall, Noseman is a German Kliking Classic and despite it's bad parts, is still a great game.

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