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Silent Combat
Author: Arzie [Gse] Submitted: 9th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 178

Edited By Arto [Gse] on 7/12/2004

Edited By Arto [Gse] on 7/9/2004

Edited By Arto [Gse] on 7/9/2004

Edited By Arto [Gse] on 7/9/2004

Ahoy! It's been long time since i post here something
I made an new game named Silent Combat. It's a top down shooting/sneaking game.

There is no main storyline or anything ingame, you can make your own episodes (maps with leveleditor, comes with game) with own storylines. So if you don't like the coming maps/episodes, make your own

Game Controls:

Run Forward: up arrow
Run Backward: down arrow
Turn Left: left arrow
Turn Right: right arrow

Primary shoot: ctrl
Secondary shoot: shift
Change weapon: enter
Walk -

Screenshot: F12

Level Editor controls:

Arrow up scroll up
Arrow down scroll down
Arrow left scroll left
Arrow right scroll right

Mouse left button create block
Mouse right button delete block

PageUp walls, next
PageDown walls, back
Home floors, next
End floors, back
Insert items, next
Delete items, back

F1 help
F2 map properties
F5 save map
F6 load map

1 Block Size 1
2 Block Size 2
3 Block Size 3

Oh yeah! be sure than you download the patch too, it's important (some serious problems ingame without it):

Patch 1.20

Patch 1.25:

and the game url: (thanks to prototailz for hosting)

OK, i uploaded the whole 1.20, if you still got version 1.00 or 1.10, make sure you patch them to 1.20.

Review This Download (26mb )

Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 9th July, 2004

26MB?!?!? I'm downloading it, so it better be good! :P
Posted by Thunderstorm 9th July, 2004

yea it's too big for me :(. have you zipped it?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 9th July, 2004

Get broadband, you cheap whorish people. PS, The link doesn't seem to be working. Get it sorted, I be wanting to play this.
Posted by Jimbob 9th July, 2004

Alien Breed inspired character?
Posted by Blackstorm 9th July, 2004

I have downloaded quite a few large games, and I have a 56k modem. I'm going to carry out that tradition of large games by downloading this.
Posted by hey hey shoe 9th July, 2004

only 60 k/s :(
Posted by hey hey shoe 9th July, 2004

is there any cheat for getting money? :D
Posted by Blackstorm 9th July, 2004

"only 60 k/s :(" Do you have any idea how funny that seems for a 56k user? I'm going at 5 k/s. :P
Posted by Cybermaze 9th July, 2004

A pretty bland experience for a 26 mb game. Even so I have added a review.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 9th July, 2004

26 mb is too large for me, even though Cyber did give the game good comments.. (You know what? I do not trust Cyber at all, he's one of those we call mythomaniacs XD)
Posted by Assault Andy 9th July, 2004

I'm Downloading at 132 kb/s.
Posted by Assault Andy 9th July, 2004

Omg. I love the graphics the game is graphically beautiful. Gameplay is pretty cool aswell, but what's with the loading times. Takes long time to change 'scene' and stuff. Great game anyway.
Posted by Yuhkaz 9th July, 2004

It'd better be damn good for 25mb
Posted by Chrisbo 10th July, 2004

pretty good, i just about crapped my pants the first time i approached that turret thing, that machine gun sound is loud...
Posted by Yuhkaz 10th July, 2004

lmao Chrisbo, this is an awesome game. My only beef is the loading times and the very non-user friendly level editor and episode maker tools. So easy to die.. WATCH OUT! C4 MAKES A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE EXPLOSION heheh
Posted by Joshtek 10th July, 2004

Hopefully the 26mb won't feel so bad if we get lots of add-on maps/episodes ;)
Posted by Jack Galilee 10th July, 2004

LOL the list level maker :P
Posted by Batchman 10th July, 2004

oh that's great, after completing the training mission i wanted some action , but when i want to go to "little house" , the game just hang, and if i pick up the level on the forest , it does the same thing just after the first level , i have latest version ...
Posted by Astral_86 10th July, 2004

Downloading... This looks very like the game "Ultimate TK"... which is a great game! :D
Posted by Prototailz 10th July, 2004

Posted by stars 10th July, 2004

Ya this game is cool and does look like Ultimate TK but it is better GOOD JOB
Posted by Ecstazy 10th July, 2004

This game has serious gameplay issues. First, it's wrong to lose credits for failing a mission. Second, you can die while reading the message that pops every screen. Third, You need to choose your weapon every screen. Fourth, some things are just too hard. And the AI is weird. Oh, and work on your grammar.
Posted by alibaba 10th July, 2004

"First, it's wrong to lose credits for failing a mission" who gives u the right to say that. work on your big head before u tell others to "Oh, and work on your grammar"
Posted by 11th July, 2004

dunno is the game worth its 26MB download? Neva mind i got Cable!
Posted by 11th July, 2004

OK, This game is nothing compared to "tapan kaikki (TK)"-game. TK is created with advanced c++ technics and this game is only made with TGF !!! ++++ PS. Use .RAR packaging ++++
Posted by 11th July, 2004

Posted by Batchman 11th July, 2004

rar is proprietary format, it isn't free
Posted by Ecstazy 11th July, 2004

alibaba, it was constructive criticism. It's wrong to lose credits for failing a mission because you need to replay easier missions to gain enough credits to retry harder levels. This is silly, and does no good. And work on capital letters at the start of a sentence before trying to bash me, kthx lololol
Posted by Mkingy 11th July, 2004

56kers should get a download resumer if they're worried, like me!
Posted by Toppo 12th July, 2004

Hmm...I don't no what to say, but it isn't bad or good either.
Posted by Arzie [Gse] 12th July, 2004

New patch: ~500kt
Posted by Shadow99 12th July, 2004

The game is ok, probably won't play it again though. Definitly not worth the 26 meg download for non-cable users. Slap in some midi and this could get down to 4 or 5 megs, then it would be worthwhile to most people.
Posted by Shadow99 12th July, 2004

By the way, I agree with Ecstazy. Players should NOT lose credits for failing a mission, that will just make even more players abandon this game after one death.
Posted by FrankenKyle 12th July, 2004

Game cheat: you can hack your money and health amounts by opening the data file with notepad and changing values
Posted by Zephyr 12th July, 2004

Game freezes when I try to start training mission.
Posted by 13th July, 2004

Man don't click Start to many times an way WHO WANTS CHEATS 4 THIS GAME
Posted by 13th July, 2004

Go to to download a cheat patch for Silent Combat (Won't affect other patches) When it askes for a directory give the profiles folder!
Posted by FrankenKyle 13th July, 2004

I think "hey hey shoe" wants "CHEATS 4 THIS GAME"
Posted by 14th July, 2004

Shammi Sizzle Don't ask me why i put that here. Anyway this game would realy be kool if it played online and the options actually affected game play! Smoke baddly laggs my game so i try to turn it off.
Posted by Jarzka 14th July, 2004

Good game, but some bugs...
Posted by Greywolfexcel 14th July, 2004

Great game... Just a few more improvements in the AI and "stealth" aspects of it and it would be even better... It would be really cool if there was a site dedicated to hosting campaign or scenarios made from the editor.
Posted by Bob Pakoe 19th April, 2005

This is pretty much EXACTLY like C-Dogs, except C-dogs is 7.86 mb. Look the title up on google.
Posted by Willy C 5th June, 2005

c-dogs is 2mb unzupped and running on DOS. This game is much better. I want to download it again, but the zip downst work, please fix it






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