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Author: Gotw-Winner Submitted: 17th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 262
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Rikus on 7/17/2004

Created by: Danjo

uide Pacman around many themed worlds. Collect all the Hidden and protected Gems, to bring back balance in Pacman World, where the Ghosts have been too dominant.
The Ghosts have special powers, depending on thier alignment to nature. The Red ghost for example is aligned to fire, and lights fires that will burn pellets, and Pacman too. The Yellow ghost is aligned to Air, the Blue to Water, and Purple to Earth. There are also some special ghosts who keep law and order in Pacman Worlds.
Travel through towns, fields, forests, icecaps, mountains, and defeat terrible foes, such as the Pirate Ship, Ancient Tree, Snow Giants, and Huge Dragon.
Pacman has special abilites, and powerups to help him on his quest, and there are many hidden games locked away inside to have fun with.

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Posted by X_Sheep 17th July, 2004

Danjo is gonna love this XD
Posted by Odin 17th July, 2004

Ah, excellent game. DL'd it off Clickteam a few days ago (when I first saw it, I thought to stay away from it since it's a large file, too large for my 56K), and it is a very high quality game. This deserves to have a Gameboy Advance port of some kind. Everything about the game is high quality; the graphics, the level design, the concept, even the music is top-notch. If you somehow missed this game when it came out, get it now before I come over there and shoot pellets made out of those slushies you get at 7-11. It's huge, but wellworth it. In fact, if you have a 56K, go away for a while to open up bandwidth. On an unrelated note, who is this 'GOTW_Winner'? -ThO_Odin314
Posted by Silveraura 18th July, 2004

These are lost games that where made, then the person who made them took them off I'm guessing & they where added back one.
Posted by Rhys D 18th July, 2004

Posted by X_Sheep 18th July, 2004

GOTW-Winner is an account made by Rikus to restore the data of GOTW winning games that were deleted.
Posted by Odin 18th July, 2004

Ah. Oh, remember, fish is best eaten cooked. -ThO
Posted by The Green Stranger 18th July, 2004

Didn't Legacy Of Flan win GOTW once, or is it just my brain playing tricks with me?
Posted by Jub 25th July, 2004

Posted by DistantJ [FZ Games] 24th August, 2004

Looks fantastic, but I can't seem to download it with my download program, and 15megs is a lot for a 56k that keeps cutting off...





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