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To Do List - PLUS
Author: Fatace Submitted: 15th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 76

Edited By My name is not important on 8/17/2004

To Do List - PLUS is an application that is very simple to use and can save you a lot of aggitation. To Do List - PLUS's main function is to paint a user defined To Do List to a selected desktop wallpaper, this allows the user to check their To Do List without opening the program fully also key functions such as Add and Help can be found on a list from a tray icon thus allowing quick addition of items to a To Do List.

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Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 15th August, 2004

The application is really basic but what you did with it is great, the Icons are pretty cool and very proffesional. How you gave each button a description so you can see what it does by hovering the mouse over it and also changing the cursor animation e.t.c good job.
Posted by Leric 15th August, 2004

Woo hoo!!! Man did I really need something like this! No more writing this crap on paper or typing it in notepad for me!!! Thanks Mr. Person without an important name!!!
Posted by Tongs 16th August, 2004

Simple, well-presented, and practical. I also like how you can paste it onto the desktop. Thumbs up.
Posted by Eight Bit Battle Cat 16th August, 2004

damn you, i was working on something like this too :P
Posted by jast 16th August, 2004

Very good idea - but two things need to be changed... 1. I got a tablet PC, so the screen switches from landscape to portrait mode every now and then. Therefore, I won't let Windows resize the wallpaper but use a picture that is bigger than my resolution (so that it fits in both modes). If I want to be able to use that software, the list either has to be positioned using the resolution values or manually. 2. I can't even read the list if I resize my image because it is displayed on the left hand side of the screen... That's where all my icons are. Just include either four radiobuttons (one for each corner) that let the user choose which corner of the screen the program should use or let the user choose an x/y value on his own (manually, just like I said before). Of course, he would then have to be able to select wether the text should be aligned to the right or to the left, too.
Posted by Fatace 17th August, 2004

I entered To Do List - PLUS into the 2004 QLD BYTE awards, and in which i won, but i didn't exactly iron out all of the bugs.
Posted by Fatace 20th August, 2004

Oh btw the to do list doesn't like wallpapers that don't fit the 4:3 ratio eg.(1600 x 1024) but i will fix that in the next version
Posted by Nuutti 21st August, 2004

how did you do the tray?





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