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Jungle Survivor
Author: IceTec Studios Submitted: 1st September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 216

Edited By IceTec Studios on 9/9/2004

Edited By IceTec Studios on 9/2/2004

It's so cruel... they shot all your friends, and now you are one of the most rare birds flying around. But for how long? There is only one place left to hide... deep in the jungle! You found a good spot but find out its already inhabited by other birds. What do you do? You take it over by force!... bird force!

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Posted by Muggus 2nd September, 2004

I can't download it. :( Everytime I click the download button I get an error.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd September, 2004

I think this is the guy whose games will only work in some countries, thanks to his stupid hosting :|
Posted by Radix 2nd September, 2004

Is it just me or is there an irritating trend of using tiny clickisland screenshots at the moment?
Posted by Radix 2nd September, 2004

I'm a guest on the high score list. Two things: 1. You can gradually fly through platforms by flapping up from underneath. 2. Okay, you're invincible when you get hit, but being unable to move is just stupid.
Posted by Kris 2nd September, 2004

fun game, hardly original though (i've played 2 or 3 games based on the same concept). nice gfx and music!
Posted by IceTec Studios 2nd September, 2004

XD srry guys, its because im working on the website to make improvments, i must have messed up the download thing... its fixed now :) @Circy, my hosting is fine, i run more then 7 cliŽnts there. Beside that, its only Hazard and another russian guy having problems.
Posted by vortex2 2nd September, 2004

Did this happen to be inspired by Joust?
Posted by Kris 2nd September, 2004

yeah, i thought that. you dont see many joust games... wonder why? its a pretty good concept
Posted by IceTec Studios 2nd September, 2004

Btw, circy, there is a difference between a 404 error and a javascript error :P
Posted by Muggus 2nd September, 2004

Works now! :D
Posted by Airflow 2nd September, 2004

Hey, like joust. :)
Posted by Leric 3rd September, 2004

Hmm 100% rating eh? Never seen a game get such a high rating, cool must be a pretty fun game, think I'll try it.
Posted by Coop 3rd September, 2004

Its a cool game. the platform bug needs to be fixed tho
Posted by Airflow 6th September, 2004

balloon fight eh? I think i might get me this. Oh, and the levels are practically all the same. (Orwell, thats arcade :P)
Posted by IceTec Studios 6th September, 2004

lol, indeed :) but we almost finished a new game, its called Umbrella Quest. You can see the trailer here: It will be finished within 2 weeks and have over 25 DIFFEREND levels ;)





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