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Sheep Boy 2
Author: IceTec Studios Submitted: 23rd September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 129

Sheep Boy 2 is a very funny game but requires full concentration. You have to guide stupid sheep trough different environments. Forest, rivers, vegetables and foxes suddenly become a great danger. This game has 20 fun packed levels!

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 (1.7mb )

Posted by Assault Andy 23rd September, 2004

Cool game, but if you lose in the first level nothing happens.
Posted by Assault Andy 24th September, 2004

Btw found some more bugs (and I finished it): On last level one of the sheeps is at the back, so he can go under the bridge. I was up to about level 14, and then when I clicked continue it put me on level 20. save.dat is really easy to edit. But I think it's a really fun game to play, I played it out and had fun.
Posted by Mr.Mean 24th September, 2004

wasnt sheepboy1 made by csar?
Posted by IceTec Studios 24th September, 2004

"Wasnt sheepboy1 made by csar?" Yes :), i thoughd it would be fun to add some new levels and better graphics + the dangerous vegetables XD @Assault Andy: You can press the "R" to restart the level.
Posted by IceTec Studios 24th September, 2004

Edit: and water :P
Posted by Nuklear41 24th September, 2004

Is that blink 182? cool.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 24th September, 2004

Is that Blink 182? Bollocks.
Posted by IceTec Studios 24th September, 2004

Blink 182? whats that XD
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th September, 2004

Jesus Christ...Blink 182?! AKKK! Anyway, cool game. I'll review it as soon as I'm finished with it. :)
Posted by Coop 24th September, 2004

nice game
Posted by Nuklear41 24th September, 2004

Blink 182 is a band, and one of there songs is for the starting music
Posted by Muggus 25th September, 2004

What's my age again? Pretty cool game. I like.
Posted by CsaR 25th September, 2004

Cool that you thought my game was fun enough to remake. I actually thought about making a new one someday in the future myself since my first one is pretty old and I have gotten better at clicking.
Posted by IceTec Studios 25th September, 2004

You can make Sheep Boy 3 XD
Posted by 醤油の兵士 26th September, 2004

if you make sheep boy 3, add fox AI and randomly generated levels:P(and FULL digging, not paste at mouse:P)
Posted by Hayo 27th September, 2004

good job, you ran away with someones game.
Posted by IceTec Studios 1st October, 2004

Hayo, it was okey said CsaR :P im not running away with it.






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