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Pipe line
Author: Lupo Submitted: 15th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 107

Edited By Lupo on 9/16/2004

Edited By Lupo on 9/16/2004

Edited By Lupo on 9/15/2004

The goal/scope of the game is this: you must control the ball looking for a path that allow it to arrive to your destination.
To create a good path, you have to choose a set of tubes that you can turns, and places in the appropiate game area.
A timechallenge and your strategy and instinct skills.

-The main action are controlled bye mouse.
-To turn the pipes during the game, use "+" and "-" keys.
-To put a pipe, just a left mouse click on all game area, excepts of wall, other pipes, and the "destination" tile. To delete, just a right mouse click.

More long are the path (number of pipes), you earn more points.
But attention, not exaggerate with a big number of pipes: the ball must complete the path before the time out, otherwise get a game over.
When you are satisfied of the path, if it is complete, run to press "play" button to verify if effectively your path are correct and working.

What are you waiting?

Let's try!

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Posted by Claudio-Italy 15th September, 2004

it's a great game: maybe it should need some more improvement in little things (such as the main menu) but it's addictive and also very funny. Worth the download.
Posted by Bo Fu 15th September, 2004

AAAAGH THE ENGRISH That's okay. I liked the game.
Posted by Darson 15th September, 2004

GREAT GAME DUDE! It has an addictive gameplay and it's very fun! Good job.
Posted by Lupo 16th September, 2004

Thanks guys, this game is now under updating maybe in the version 1.1.. Update featuring: -More velocity for fades -Credits music -A cheat for terminate levels -Various Bonuses -"Resume" option for the main menu -Some of other levels ..and various bug-fix.
Posted by Lupo 16th September, 2004

Version 1.1 is ready to download! Some features added: - Different High scores for all skills - Some decent graphic XD - "Load" option - 2 final levels - New correct pipes - A cheat - Some bug fixes Try it!
Posted by Lupo 16th September, 2004

Copy and paste the link
Posted by Lupo 16th September, 2004

Haha! I don't know :)
Posted by Lupo 18th September, 2004

Hey! Why my game isn't in the GOTW selecion???
Posted by Lupo 18th September, 2004

Oh.. ok :(
Posted by Airflow 21st September, 2004

Lol, you took that well. ^_^ Looks great! A few more screenies could do it'self justice though.
Posted by Wormware 14th October, 2004

Pipe dreams, was my fav game a long time ago, I made a remake ones.. KNP..
Posted by Lupo 19th October, 2004

Thanks Dr Evil Face! I'm working on Pipe line 2 now, and il will be released probably in December I hope.. They can find my w.i.p. at





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