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Flash Hyprate: Arctic Fox Playable Demo
Author: Vapour Snake Submitted: 18th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 46

This is the playable demo of my first large game project Arctic Fox. It isn't perfect and there are things mentioned in it that aren't avalible in the full version and there are no buildings as yet they will be in the full version. There may be a few bugs and let me know of any, my e-mail is supplied in the game. This is the state of the game so far, the completed product will be much more spectacular and to hopefully be released later this year.

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Posted by Stimoreary 19th September, 2004

That carchase looks fun :O
Posted by Dustgather 19th September, 2004

I can see you put alot of effort into it. I like it !
Posted by Muggus 20th September, 2004

ARGH! Pointless installer! Besides that, twas pretty cool, although a beginerish. I like the on-going storyline. You may want to add some textures and stuff to your backgrounds, they're a bit dull.
Posted by Assault Andy 20th September, 2004

I'd download it...... But I don't want to have to install it.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 20th September, 2004

Fake 30 second loading screen alert.
Posted by ChrisB 22nd September, 2004

I am sad because there are no foxes in the game {cry}
Posted by Vapour Snake 23rd September, 2004

Hi My name is Tom but they wouldn't let me use that and Eibbor is the nickname of someone I know so I used it. The install file was there to make it smaller. I put in the loading screen because I didn't want to throw people right into it, I wanted some warning. I'm sorry that there are no buildings in the city I wanted to get on with the rest of the game, it took me three months to make what you have seen in the city so I hope it is acceptable. Thanks for your feedback everyone, your suggestions have been noted.
Posted by Bobby Jim 19th November, 2004

Hello, I am the one who hosts this game. Unfortunatly, I have run out of room on this site do the download page will change. Keep you all posted!
Posted by Bobby Jim 20th November, 2004

Just thought you should know, the download site is back up





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