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Strategy Games Tut (not So Good)
Author: Leerz Submitted: 20th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 304

Edited By Leerz on 9/20/2004

umm. plain Strategy Game Tut.. "Ra2 Style" no good one..
"auto Attack w/ Radar System

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Posted by DJ W 20th September, 2004
Posted by Joe.H 20th September, 2004

here's a tip: never put (not so good) in a title of a download.
Posted by TheChillyChinchilla 20th September, 2004

Posted by Assault Andy 20th September, 2004

If you don't think it's good, what the hell makes you think others will?
Posted by Tigerworks 21st September, 2004

Half of it is ripped from one of my examples... :P
Posted by Leerz 22nd September, 2004

wahihihi.. :P
Posted by Galaxy613 24th September, 2004

umm, can someone tell me how this can help anyone?
Posted by Joe.H 25th September, 2004

it tells them don't make anything like this
Posted by Joshua M. 28th November, 2004

Man the map system sucks, it isn't right.
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 8th March, 2005

Us the minimap object from Tigerworks instead.
Posted by Maciek012 20th April, 2010

can i have reupoload please?
Posted by Leerz 10th July, 2010

@Mackie, not sure where I placed the original files,
anyway, not much help really.

you can check mr. tigerwork's stuff, I took most of the things in this file from his samples.
I just realized that, ) I did not give him credit, I'm a fool, I was young then. hehe

anyway, just to give you an idea,
make 2 objects, object1:ball, object2:static
on mouse1, create object2 on mousex&mousey
on "always" event, set object1 to follow position of object2
oncollide object1&2, destroy object2, object1.speed=0

about the shooting of objects, there's an invisible detector that moves with object1, if it collides with let's say object3:enemy, it would shoot, set direction, destroy on collide, whatever.

Will probably upload if I do find it.






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