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Author: john bove Submitted: 27th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 76

OHCRAP! is a two player, split-screen first person shooter.
Pick up ammo and health while trying to shoot the other guy. Shooting your friends is fun!
Made with Jamagic, it is a 3D game that needs at least 600 MHZ and 3D graphic support to run properly.

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Posted by Assault Andy 28th September, 2004

Crashed when I ran it. I get the feeling you are lying.
Posted by john bove 28th September, 2004

Andy, try it on a faster machine that supports 3D graphics.
Posted by vortex2 28th September, 2004

Andy, he isn't lying it really is a 3d game and it really is made in Jamagic. I got far enough in it to tell that, however I haven't tested it fully becuase I can't watch tv and play at the same time :P so I will try it a bit later when I got freetime lol.
Posted by Coop 28th September, 2004

cool, you should add different weapons and a LAN or internet play mode :)
Posted by john bove 28th September, 2004

I don't know enough about LAN or internet yet to make that kind of game. I'll share the source files with anyone that owns Jamagic and wants to try doing it.
Posted by markorifico 29th September, 2004

well i tried it out, and it seemed you couldnt even hit each other with the bullets, me and a friend played for about 15 mins before we even relised that ;) we even tried stoping and going like 3 ft away, ya this game has bugs, good effort and nice gfx but work on the level more, a square room is kinda boring. ok im done ranting.
Posted by john bove 29th September, 2004

I had to keep it very simple or I would have never have been able to finish it. I wish Clickteam would rework Jamagic with a click interface. Scripting 3D games can drive you crazy.
Posted by Sean Kelly 29th September, 2004

Ive always wanted to make a third person platformer 3D game. But unless they make Jamagic easier (although ive never tired it)m then I dont think that will happen
Posted by Jack Galilee 30th September, 2004

Its ok, but I dont like the bullets but nice try
Posted by DaVince 30th September, 2004

Jamagic kinda sucks. Click product? You have to type in everything to create your game! Still, nice work.
Posted by Sean Kelly 30th September, 2004

Anyone know some realy good 3D game makers that are relativly simple?
Posted by Galaxy613 30th September, 2004

Blitz3D, wait, you can to use code for that... hmm.. how about 3D Game Studio?.. wait you have to use code for that too... hmmm... I guess there isn't any. To bad scripting is SO DARN HARD TO DO.
Posted by Joshua M. 24th October, 2004

Well Blitz3D is far easier than 3D Game studio since 3D Game Studio uses c++. I think I'm gonna study Jamagic, since it's a Click product, I just have to try it. :P :S





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