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Author: john bove Submitted: 27th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 64

EARTH DEFENSE is an outer space flying game. Pick up bombs and fuel to defeat the alien saucer that is threatening earth.
EARTH DEFENSE is a 3D game made with Jamagic. It needs at least 600 MHZ and good 3D graphics support in order to run properly.

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Posted by Zimtower 28th September, 2004

OMG!, this is the best 3d game i have every played
Posted by Coop 28th September, 2004

i don't understand what im trying to do
Posted by john bove 28th September, 2004

In the game you're supposed to fly into the fuel and bomb icons, then aim your spaceship at the saucer and try to shoot it. Pick up more ammo and fuel as you need it until the saucer is destroyed. Do it quickly or the saucer will just get it's "health" back up again. Does that help?
Posted by Kirby Smith 30th September, 2004

Well... it's a lot better than I could do in Jamagic. The camera needs some work and it's not all that fun, but it's a start.
Posted by izac 4th February, 2005

the game ain't that fun and it goes slow! it ain't my computer it's probly the rubbish software you used. what did you use?





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