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NAITS - Terrorstrike
Author: Stian B. Submitted: 22nd January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 195

Edited By Stian B. on 7/9/2005

Version 1.37

NAITS - Terrorstrike the final big update is here !
Its the 23 update to this game,since the first version,released May 2000.
Its 5 years old soon.So,im celebrates it with 3 new DM levels,and of course small updates and fixes.

Its an "old" game,and has been submitted before.And now for a last time,for new gamers!
Its still a nice timewaster playing alone,or with a friend!

NAITS Terrorstrike its a 1 or 2 player game.
In 2 player you can play mission or deathmatch.
In mission you have to stop the terrorists.
But sometimes you just have to escape from the terrorists,
or save a hostage.
NAITS are a special anti terrorforce which take all the special "jobs".
Good luck!

* 10 missions
* 15 deathmatch levels
* Cooperative mode
* 7 different hand weapons
* 2 different grenades
* 5 different terrorists
* 1 boss

Stian B.

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Posted by Wormware 22nd January, 2005

looks good
Posted by Yuhkaz 22nd January, 2005

Holy crap! I LOVED THIS GAME! I had it so long ago... I used to play it with my bro!
Posted by AfterStar 23rd January, 2005

*sigh*...and i Thought it wat NAITS 2 :( Are you working on any games now Stian?
Posted by Wormware 23rd January, 2005

It's a good game..
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 23rd January, 2005

NAITS National Anti-idiot-terrorist Squad
Posted by Willy C 23rd January, 2005

thats exactly what it stands for Shab! remember playing this a while ago back when you helped me out from my noobish ways. so what is this, a mission pack or something
Posted by Yuhkaz 23rd January, 2005

I had this game years ago its like a classic
Posted by AfterStar 23rd January, 2005

Actually Shab NAITS is STIAN backwards :D! Its a classic,IT DESERVES GOTW :P!
Posted by Assault Andy 23rd January, 2005

I liked this game a long time ago aswell. I thought it was NAITS:2 !
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 25th January, 2005

Anicent stuff, yes? How come you re-released it?
Posted by ruffles 28th January, 2005

jesus christ oh my fucking god XD i remember this one XD
Posted by T Koivisto 12th February, 2005

why u released now? i saw that game first time about two year ago
Posted by Stian B. 17th February, 2005

Read the description,its all there.Dim dim
Posted by Joshua M. 28th July, 2005

Ahh... I played this several years ago and I thought it was ultimately bad. Now it has been updated and it still is bad. Ancient Crap.





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