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Zelda 4 PC
Author: Rory Griffin Submitted: 28th February, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 222

This is a fan remake of Link's Awakening. It is to be open to the public to work on, with myself as a director of operations, and developer.

If you would like to directly help with this project, send me an e-mail here at the Daily Click or at

I have (in this download) demonstrated a fully workable scrolling engine (Zelda-esque) in only twelve events. Also, is the border around the game itself. I do intend on working more on this project personally even without a public interest. However, if you do want to help, be sure that you can seriously help out. We need people to enhance the graphics, code different parts of the engine, work with an event tree (for switches through the game) and artificial intelligence. I don't mind building the world (a more tedious thing to do) but if someone (or someones) would like to take over and/or help, that would be marvelous. E-mail me for more information, or IM me at RoryGriffin13 on AIM.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 28th February, 2005

This looks pretty good so far - I think that you should try and avoid timer-based events as far as possible, though.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 28th February, 2005

the border and scrolling is pretty cool, but i dont think u should remake the entire game this way. make your own game instead
Posted by Rory Griffin 28th February, 2005

I am a Zelda fan, and I have a full time job that pays pretty well. Making my own game would be fun, but I still have a lot to learn about MMF (which is saying too much being a veteran clicker). Not to mention, it's a fan project. Also, the timer event is just something I did to make the water work with animations, and do not intend on keeping it that way. ^_~
Posted by matt-e-h 28th February, 2005

looks cool dude, excited to see how the project grows.
Posted by Simon Colmer 28th February, 2005

yes, its looking good but i agree that in a way is not point to remake the hole of zelda really, think how long that will take! and like you said you have a full time job, i say learn more about mmf and start your own RPG!
Posted by Rory Griffin 28th February, 2005

I think people are missing the point. This could grow into more than just a Zelda game I'm sure. The Scrolling System I have is easily changed to a larger size/resolution. This is (as I said before) a remake of Link's Awakening, but at the same time it could pose as so much more in the future. The engine could be expanded to do more than "Zelda" stuff, and eventually be a powerful open project for others to work on and work around, ergo, more full and complete action/adventure games that feel more professional.
Posted by Galaxy613 28th February, 2005

Great job Rory! The scrolling engine is really neat. I was somewhat disappointed when you could walk through trees but this is only the alpha version. Keep up the good work! Oh, and PLEASE don't do "Zelda 4 PC", it makes it sound/look like a n00b game.
Posted by Rory Griffin 28th February, 2005

CK4R1, it's not "4" instead of "for", it's 4 as in the number 4, It's not an official title, just the name of the project anyways. ^_~
Posted by RC 1st March, 2005

i'll check this out later :p
Posted by AndyUK 1st March, 2005

nice work, there is still a lot for you do to though. Coincedently I bought zelda links awakening from ebay about 3 days ago. you may notice if you look realy closely link moves slightly when the screen scrolls so he isnt partly off screen at any point. and his animations are slower.
Posted by DaVince 1st March, 2005

Nice, but create your own Zelda maps and storyline, please. ;) Otherwise it would be boring just playing the same game again...
Posted by Rory Griffin 1st March, 2005

DaVince, I wouldn't mind making my own story (which I have plenty of fan stories I could work on) but before one suggests original maps/stories, one should be prepared to do custom graphics for said developer. ^_~ It's not as easy as one might think. If I wanted to do original everything, I would have already made my own graphics and had been working on it. I am a developer, not an artist. Clickers have a problem (that I've seen in the past eight years) thinking they can draw when they can't. I've learned in time you do what you're good at if you intend on it being something big. I'll rip the graphics for now. ^_^
Posted by FierceDeity 5th March, 2005

Can you please put it in a zip and make the screenshots work because im interested in this prject. I've made a few zelda games myelf
Posted by Rory Griffin 8th March, 2005

RAR format is way better compression than ZIP, and any intellect would use it. ^_~ The screenie should work also. For a copy of WinRAR, download it here:





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