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Fashion Cents
Author: My Game Company Submitted: 25th March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 97

Edited By Shab - a - BAKA ( on 3/25/2005

In this original puzzle game, you must create matching outfits from a random assortment of clothing items. Every time you create a new outfit, you score!

Fashion Cents gives you a wide assortment of hats, tops, bottoms, and shoes in a variety of colors and styles. Your objective is to combine these items into complete outfits that are color coordinated. White and denim items are wild; they go with any other color. You can score bonus points by adding accessories like glasses and purses, or by completing successive outfits for a large combo bonus. There are also special items like bleach bottles, scissors, and credit cards that help you out when you get into a tight spot. If you create enough outfits, you can advance to the next level, which adds more colors and styles of clothes for you to play with. Fashion Cents features simple but highly addictive gameplay, ten unique dolls with a variety of skin tones and hair colors, hundreds of cute clothing items to mix and match, a delicious smooth jazz soundtrack, and free add-on packs for registered owners!

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Posted by Ecstazy 26th March, 2005
Posted by The Chris Street 26th March, 2005

Its a shame you have to release your games commercially, they would have both been GOTW contenders otherwise.
Posted by Joshua M. 26th March, 2005

lol, my comment got deleted. Well, the 'eww' sounds are still annoying. I can say that.
Posted by Sashman15 27th March, 2005

Yeah it looks pretty cool.
Posted by 27th March, 2005

Only girls/females would prefer this as cool...
Posted by Rory Griffin 27th March, 2005

This is very awesome. Complying to the the rights to sell a game is cool, and I personally think it's well worth it. I'll purchace it soon so my niece can have a fun game to play. I have a thing about buying her things (like that asian outfit I got her yesterday). ^_^ She's only 3 years old, but she's very smart and could easily figure this game out. Again, great game!
Posted by Jon Chambers 28th March, 2005

I now understand how gay people feel. They enjoy an activity socially acceptable only for females, they feel ashamed, yet they continue anyway dispite possible loss of thier reputation. Nice game. Sometimes I get double points. How does that happen?
Posted by Jamesbuc 29th March, 2005

He means you could feel like a complete gay when playing. (so fun XD )
Posted by Jamesbuc 29th March, 2005

At least... Thats what I thought..
Posted by Andres Micheal 12th April, 2016

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