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Blaster Master: Another Story.
Author: Erik Neumann Submitted: 30th March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 108

Edited By Erik Neumann on 4/1/2005

This is my first game i ever made in TGF. it is a remake of Blaster Master for NES. yes, it has ripped gfx. but that's because i was trying to emulate blaster master as much as possible. i think i did a pretty good job. the controls are "A" and "S" to jump and shoot (and you can shoot up too), and arrow keys to move. Also "A" will skip the intro and some of the cinematics. Stages 1 and 2 are complete. stage 3 is almost done. i would appreciate any advice about bugs. the .gam file is also in the same directory as the .exe if you need that to see tha game.

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Posted by Erik Neumann 31st March, 2005

by the way i have been working on it for a long time like 2 years.
Posted by Ski 31st March, 2005

i had knp for about 3 weeks.
Posted by Erik Neumann 31st March, 2005

what is KNP???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 31st March, 2005

I can't play this... It says Cncs.dll is missing... And i have both TGF and MMf... Eeh... Looks nice bye the way ^^
Posted by axel 31st March, 2005

??? my post was deleted! KnP is TGF and MMF's ancestor. The first klik product released. They don't sell it anymore, but i've still got my copy ^_^
Posted by axel 31st March, 2005

it looks amazingly good, for your first game ever. My first game on KnP was a eight direction game called dinki. You don't want to see it coz it's not very much to see.
Posted by Hill Gigas 31st March, 2005

I can't play it either. Missing dll. You should make a zip file and include the dll with your game.
Posted by Joshua M. 31st March, 2005

Hey people, didn't you read it? It was made in TGF. ... Well? It needs a .GAM file!!!
Posted by Wicked Studios 31st March, 2005

Ive still got my beloved copy of Klik and Play....and its still a piece of crap. Good times, good times.
Posted by chrilley 31st March, 2005

Aahhh... the age of Klik & Play... :') I miss it... Time to install it and beat the crap outta Pie-Devil! :)
Posted by AndyUK 31st March, 2005

i think i have it too somewhere, got the 'for school' version first of all.
Posted by mrpectate 31st March, 2005

Well I love Blaster Master, so I looked on your website Erik (hope you don't mind) and a "BLASTAZ.GAM" file IS there. It's 5mb and is probably be the file needed to play the game. If it's the right .GAM file that is. If it is, would it be OK to download it? I would really like to see how your doing with this. Thanks.
Posted by Wicked Studios 31st March, 2005

I take back my last comment about Klik and Play being a piece of crap. Its what started the whole klik thing and lead up to tgf and the all powerful mmf. But nowadays its can i put this...."outdated".
Posted by Erik Neumann 31st March, 2005

yes, the .gam file is in the same directory as the .exe, i meant to mention that in my description. yes anyone can download blastaz.gam. i would appreciate any suggestions to make the code better, etc. thanks for the comments. btw i am working on a new platformer about robots with my own original graphics!
Posted by MidnighT_RaveN 1st April, 2005

yikes, knp for life.





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