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Author: James Submitted: 31st March, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 53

how have you been?
after a long time.....
this game is simple 2.5D(?) maze
-object : gather a rare item
-structure : very simple
-the degree of difficulty : elementary
-free scenario type
good-bye till next version^^

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Posted by DaVince 1st April, 2005

uh? You should do something about your perspective...
Posted by axel 1st April, 2005

Posted by axel 1st April, 2005

hey, this is actually quite good! better graphics and stuff would be nice. The screenshot doesn't tell you much though. You could add some more to get more downloads.
Posted by axel 1st April, 2005

hey! how come you have three stars when you've only submitted 3 games, and no articles or reviews? i've submitted 4 games and i still only have 2 stars!
Posted by Wicked Studios 1st April, 2005

Agggge some people submit games and crappy articles and then delete them to raise their ratings.
Posted by Silveraura 1st April, 2005

To be honest, I knew for sure if that actually worked, because I never tried it, nor will I. I got accused for doing it alot when I was new though, but I never did it.
Posted by clwe 1st April, 2005

Hey, I remember playing this on the C64 =P (or something very similar). The whole perspective thing is done very well.
Posted by Joshua M. 5th April, 2005

'this game is simple 2.5D(?) maze' Ugh, you cannot have 2,5 dimensions. This is what we call psuedo 3D.





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