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Wormmaster's Adventures
Author: Juho Paavola Submitted: 2nd April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 63

Edited By Juho Paavola on 4/6/2005

This is my first somewhat DECENT game I've released into wild. You play as Wormmaster and you try to get to South Park. But behold, it's not like there wouldn't be any dangers...

Any kind of feedback is welcome.

SEQUEL IN PRODUCTION! Suggestions are welcome!

EDIT: I didn't rip the South Park graphics off! They're from sprite packs! Two by Beamer and one by Paul Trillo. I have permission to use them!

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Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 2nd April, 2005

Yikes! Geoshitties! Good thing I have an ADSL and that download is only 569. About the game itself: Not the best game I've seen, appears to use ripped/badly drawn graphics and the default engine. But then, it's a newbie game. They are never good. At least you tried to use as much of original graphics as possible ;)
Posted by AndyUK 2nd April, 2005

no problem there, it took 5 seconds on my 512k dsl. Ok, this game is really bad, are you sure you even put any effot into this? The graphics may be slightly non ripped for the most part but the graphics are rushed and the level design is terrible. you have a lot to learn mate.
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 2nd April, 2005

hmm...takes less than a secound to download on cable :-D
Posted by kjarom 3rd April, 2005

sorry, man. i've made games about 3 times better than this one, and i still don't release them to the public until they're decent. if ur gonna use the default platform movement, do a little better job with it. :0
Posted by Wicked Studios 3rd April, 2005

I have dsl max. 3mbps download when its maxed out. :)
Posted by hop 3rd April, 2005

The only problem with geocities is that if your download get popular or is large your site goes down for an hour and no one can download from it (like is happening to me).
Posted by Juho Paavola 6th April, 2005

When did taking sprites from SPRITE PACKS become ripping off?
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 7th April, 2005

sounds interesting, I'll download and try and review.
Posted by Shroomster 3rd May, 2005

Err... sorry. Anyway, there are alot of things to improve. Try remaking it, with better graphics and stuff. Look at the character, he stands still while moving!
Posted by Joshua M. 8th May, 2005

Somewhat decent? I say you're not even close. You will need to put at least 10 times more effort in the game to make it somewhat decent. If I'd rate this game as it is now, I'd say it's a lot closer to zero quality.





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