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Gladiator Trials
Author: Tagged Submitted: 3rd April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 243

A unique combination of RTS/RPG/Sim. Train you slaves to cook food, forge equipment and battle in arenas. Force them to train their skills in the Training Room, Archery or Library. Build a graveyard to hide the rotten remains of unsuccessful gladiators, and ensure your slaves are well paid to keep their thoughts of escape low and their happiness high.

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Posted by Assault Andy 4th April, 2005

Awesome graphics, I'll tell you more of what I think when I play it.
Posted by Tagged 4th April, 2005

Thanks Assault Andy! Actually a new version is in production that improves the Graphics (GUI) significantly. Currently there are two different interface styles since the artist responsible left the project :( Post in the forums of the site ( any feature requests, balance issues or difficulties with the game. I post updates and screenshots to the game regularly there as well. PS. If people find the download too large then never fear, with the next version (end of April) I am releasing a modem friendly size.
Posted by axel 4th April, 2005

looks really cool! :) *downloading*
Posted by matt-e-h 4th April, 2005

looks and sound great. downloading! :)
Posted by Andrew Barontini 4th April, 2005

cool had a little trouble with the eating and bread making but neat.
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 5th April, 2005

Looks Great. Plays Great. And that means the author is also Great
Posted by Kris 5th April, 2005

uhh... pressing the 'start' button on the campaign page doesn't do anything for me :/
Posted by Tagged 7th April, 2005

Ok a new version will be up ( in under 12 hours, with bug fixes, improvements to game and graphics and a simple debug log. Kris: Could you please download the update and try to start a campaign, then quit the game and send me ( the debug.log file found in the games directory.
Posted by Kris 7th April, 2005

ok, willdo
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 7th April, 2005

I'll download this and try and give it a review quickly, judging by the size it looks big:)
Posted by Xordien 7th April, 2005

*sigh* I wish I could make games in this quality. Great job! - Xordien
Posted by Tagged 8th April, 2005

If your copy of the game reports "Build 124" on the title screen, go to my website to download the update. Unfortunatly the game can't be completed without updating :( Sorry! Should have released a public beta to fix these nasty issues.
Posted by alibaba 8th April, 2005

it works on one of my comps not the other . worth a download - some interesting ideas, its fun watching the gladiators go about their daily business. Am on the second silver sword trophy tutorial at the moment. The fact that you can speed up the game is a nice feature esp when u have 4 gladiators trying to improve.good job
Posted by SlowMotionRiot 8th April, 2005

Some other Klik fans and I have been assisting TaggeD with bug reports and feedback. I cordially invite anyone interested in making this game even better to stop by the official game discussion boards and submitting their input. TaggeD has been very receptive so far to all comments...but there's only three people posting there! If you're a fan of this game, stop by and help out!
Posted by jonry 20th April, 2005

is this game good i am downloading it hey guys i am so pissed i looked on every google site and yahoo site for production key for crimsonland if u knoe 1 plz message me on and also tell me if this game is good
Posted by Milo 3rd May, 2006

I tried to download, but it said "Acount Suspended" is that the real link?
Posted by nicholas makhmaltchi 7th May, 2006

link broken




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