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ThunderStrike alpha 0.5
Author: Mark "Skippy" Riches Submitted: 15th April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 124

Thunderstrike is preatty much the most generic shooting game ever made. It has a flaky story involving the year 20X6, a Doctor named X, a positronic-atomic-nuclear-earth-killing-laser, and lots and lots of shooting stuff.

This actually had a funny beginning, which you can read most of here:

Arrow keys to move
Spacebar to shoot

The red and blue bars on the right are Health and Energy. Recharging health costs energy, so avoid incoming bullets or face the concequences of not having any ammo

On the left is a gun-power bar, and a unused bar that will eventually hold the meter for combo-attack-power (fighting game style!) but those don't matter too much, yet.

This alpha test is of the "Survival" game mode. In this mode, every wave you clear gives you a weapon boost and speeds the game up a bit. See how far you can make it!


Please post bugs and errors. If you experiance slowdown, tell me exactly what was happening. Were gunships firing lances? Were interceptors ripping you up? Tell me, and it will help me fix problems.

NOTE: This is a very early alpha, but it is still completely playable AS IS. Please don't post complaining that it's too short and repeditive.

Screenshots and download at:

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Posted by Mark "Skippy" Riches 15th April, 2005

I now realize that I need to add something to blast the sides of the screen every so often, because camping there seems to be completely safe. I also need to tone down the damage caused by interceptor machineguns.
Posted by Metal Maiden 16th April, 2005

I tried to download but wtf is a .rar? lol, cant play it dude.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 16th April, 2005

You need winrar, better than zip in my opinion.
Posted by Sean Kelly 16th April, 2005

.rar is a lot smaller then .zip But .zip is alot more common is why I use it.
Posted by AndyUK 16th April, 2005

winrar is just a different compression method, it makes some files smaller tha zips.
Posted by AndyUK 16th April, 2005

WTF? that starts off a bit intensely!!!! I dont know if that is how these shooters are but for me that was too hard from the off.
Posted by Mark "Skippy" Riches 16th April, 2005

Yeah, I realized how stupidly hard it was, and have begun toneing it down a little, spreading the attack waves out over a longer period of time. And about the .Rar file, I don't see how you people don't have Winrar. It's a better program for Zip files than winzip, and it opens all sorts of archives.
Posted by Chrisbo 17th April, 2005

yeah seriously. rar files are way better than zip. they don't get corrupted as easily either.
Posted by Zethell 17th April, 2005

LoL, Everyone that dosnt have rar yet better get it! :D ... From the pics i saw on the site.. i can tell directly that this isnt my kind of game.. but.. Keep the good work up xD





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