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Trap Runner
Author: Mark "Skippy" Riches Submitted: 25th July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 237

Trap Runner is a cute little platformer where you control a little guy and he...

Wait a minute...

CUTE? As if!

Trap Runner is a fast paced platformer where you help "Fearless Adventurer"(TM) run his ass through death-trap after death-trap, collecting phat lewt! It's as if someone smacked down Mario with 50 pounds of Indiana Jones!

/Cable TV infomercial mode off.

Okay. Serious for a minute here. In this little game, you run the character through the temple using the arrow keys and shift to jump. On some walls, you will see light grey box areas. These are check points. Run over them to leave your mark, and if you happen to die a horrible, horrible death, you can restart at your last checkpoint.

Eventually, I plan to make this a time-attack game, where collecting "Phat Lewt"(TM)(R) gives you a time bonus, and dying gives you a time penalty. At the moment, its a preatty short tech demo that shows off my trap engine's capabilities. This engine is completely modular, I can resize any of the traps, and it is quite easy to add new ones. Of course, first on the list of new traps to add will be the generic rolling ball of doom.

Oh yeah, the game is "just a tad" bloody, so you have been warned. Its nothing crazy, but you might want to know that the walls will be splattered if you do happen to perish.

Oh yeah, and press R to reset to your last checkpoint if you die or get stuck.

Note: Hopefully the screenshots will work.
Oh, and before anyone calls this a ripoff of Super Fun Dungeon Run, you should probably know that I started making this a LONG time ago as a sort of physics demo for a friend. Then I replaced the diamond player with the animated one you see now. Then I added blood. It grew from there. I didn't even know SFDR existed until after the game was really developed, and even so, it plays completely differant.

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Posted by Mark "Skippy" Riches 26th July, 2005

Oh yeah, GFX by me, and music shamelessly stolen from Tigs' site.
Posted by Assault Andy 27th July, 2005

Extremly Frustrating at times, but I love it so much. It's such an exciting game, I also love the graphics style. I Highly reccomend you use the Platform Movement object or create your own Custom movement engine, because the built in one is horrible. Otherwise, your game is great!
Posted by Teapot 27th July, 2005

Freaking fun, andy was right, it's very exciting. Perhaps make the blocks that fall from the cieling a darker shade of grey?
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 27th July, 2005

I enjoyed it, I agree it was frustrating, and the low as hell transition didn't help at all. But it's nice.
Posted by Bear Cub 27th July, 2005

great game mate the only problem it's that you cant know which bricks are going to fall...mark them...
Posted by Cazra 27th July, 2005

ha, this is awesome. You should definitelly use a custom movement for this. I like how the text goes by whatever way you die.
Posted by Duncan 27th July, 2005

Lose the transitions. Go on.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 27th July, 2005

This is great, I'd love to see it continued. I agree with the other comments in that you need a custom platform movement - it's particularly noticeable in the water section, which you need the patience of several of the more patient saints to get through.
Posted by Mark "Skippy" Riches 27th July, 2005

Wow, front page (Shocked! Awed!) Yeah, I know the default platform movement sucks. I just havn't gotten around to replacing it. Yes, I alos realize that the transitions suck, and need to be either sped up like 100 times, or removed. Oh, and about the falling blocks: They are supposed to suprise you. I tried it with them marked, and it didn't have the shock appeal it does now. Thanks for your comments though, keep them coming and if you have an idea for a trap, shout it out!
Posted by Silveraura 27th July, 2005

This is awesome! Though maybe a slight change in the falling block color, maybe a noticable color that will be often missed because of moving through it so quickly. Other then that, regardless to the simple graphics, which even at that, arent all bad compaired to what you sometimes see at DC, this is dare I say it, pretty fun.
Posted by Mark "Skippy" Riches 27th July, 2005

I may change it so that the falling blocks are a little differant somehow, but I still say it would detract from the game. Most of the traps use the surprise factor to kill you, and if you know it's coming before you get to it, it's too easy to avoid. If you think it's hard now, you wouldn't have believed how hard it was before the save points got put in :p
Posted by mojofltr 28th July, 2005

I haven't been past where the water rises yet, but I agree with those who said that this game is fun and addictive. ;)
Posted by hop 28th July, 2005

Very fun but very frustrating, mostly because of the movement. This could really be great if you made a custom engine. The timing of the traps is really well done.
Posted by Pixelthief 28th July, 2005

I really like the premise. I can only imagine how fun this would be if you could create a full game of non-stop traps in this style.... Seems like it would be pretty easy to program too. Interests me.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 28th July, 2005

Leave the falling blocks as they are, they shouldn't be noticable, that's the point.
Posted by Ecstazy 28th July, 2005

Seems to be a nice concept, but like hop said, very frustrating mostly because of the movement. I feel like the movement isn't really smooth and I'm controlling a crippled old guy.
Posted by Silveraura 28th July, 2005

If the blocks were more textured with a rocky texture, then for the blocks that were going to fall, could have a small, & barely noticable (but noticable never the less) difference in the falling one, so that you dont get mad after getting so far & suddenly *CRASH* your dead.
Posted by Mark "Skippy" Riches 28th July, 2005

@Pixelthief: Yeah, that's what the game is going to be. I might make it in stages, some of which could be based off of action movie stunts or something. But it definately is easy to program! The only thing I'm having trouble with is the rolling ball. @Everyone who thinks the blocks should be different: They are supposed to surprise you. Anyway, I tried making really small changes (like having the dark corner a shade lighter) but they either do nothing useful or they change it too much.
Posted by Mephistex 29th July, 2005

A fun little game but the problem with it is that you basically just have to go through and die on each of the traps, learn where they are, then do it. It would be better if it were more to do with reacting to the traps, for example if before they dropped blocks shook for a second to give you a little bit of advance warning.
Posted by Assault Andy 3rd August, 2005

@ Everyone who things the blocks should be differant: That would make the game so boring, the traps are scary and spontanious, we don't want predicticallity (I hope thats a word).
Posted by Nev Eagleson 3rd August, 2005

You could make the blocks a different color, but then disguse them somewhat by adding fake falling blocks that don't actually fall, but look like they will. Then you can be prepared, but you still dont know if a block will fall or not.
Posted by Hempuli 29th September, 2005

Looks nice. downloading... :)





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