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PLP Warfare Beta
Author: Jason Dudie Submitted: 24th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 271

Edited By Jason Dude on 5/26/2005

Edited By Jason Dude on 5/24/2005

Before I say anything, I will admit that this is an online game that uses DIRECT PLAY!!!!!!!!!! Not withstanding the power of Moo, I happen to like this object, and if nothing else, consider this a tutorial with Dplay.

PLP stands for Pre Lan Party. This game was intended to be a warm up game for Lan parties. The object of the game is to Capture the Flag As you can see, this is the BETA version, which means I haven't tested it a lot. I haven't really tested it with more than 2 players at a time, so I don't know what kind of bugs exists. Let me know which bugs you find, and for more information, see the Readme.txt included.

Move Character Left/Right - Left/Right Arrows
Jump - Up + Left/Right
Fire Main Attack - Spacebar
Fire Second Attack - Control
Activate Remote Bomb (Demolitionist) - Down + Control
Demorph (Alien) - Down + Control

Game Features:
7 Classes each with their own unique abilities
5 levels to battle on

I'm planning on releasing a Moo version of this game perhaps, hence this is only Beta.

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Posted by Jason Dudie 24th May, 2005

Also something that I forgot to mention in the readme, to replenish your ammo, touch your team's flag base. :)
Posted by Jetstar 25th May, 2005

Looks good! Downloading....
Posted by hop 25th May, 2005

Wow, if this networking stuff works this has great potential. Just put some more time into the graphics and this could be really good if people played.
Posted by Jetstar 26th May, 2005

Sorry, don't like it. Like sunstrike said the online play is cool but the graphics are less than spectacular. And please fix the default platform movement with the platform article or make your own.
Posted by Jason Dudie 26th May, 2005

My excuse is that I let my 1 year old cousin draw the graphics...
Posted by Jetstar 27th May, 2005

That's hard to believe.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 17th August, 2005

Indeed it is, especially that the one year old in question has knowledge on how to tile the land properly.
Posted by Jason Dudie 15th September, 2005

he's very gifted
Posted by Crazy Chris 4th October, 2005

tgf or mmf?
Posted by Jason Dudie 6th October, 2005

Posted by Faraz Parsa 3rd July, 2006

great for TGF!





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