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Author: Jason Dudie Submitted: 8th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Real Time Strategy Downloads: 356

Edited By Jason Dudie on 10/28/2005

This game is the product of several weeks staying up until 3 am. Now I can finally get some rest as I reveal my latest, but not quite greatest release entitled, Prograbots. This game combines robot fighting with concepts of programming to bring the gamer a new experience of metal combat. Features include:

*Over 50 commands to control your bot
*A single player tournament with 4 unlockable levels
*Multiplayer support
*Good strategy elements

Leave me some feedback. Thanks.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 8th May, 2005

Ironically I think you've done my entire Junior Honours project.
Posted by Quadralien 8th May, 2005

Hmm... Obviously a lot of work put in here, even if the graphics don't show it... I think it might be helpful if the "Test Bot" option on the Workshop screen could find and point out errors present in the robot's code, rather than just not working (something which has happened often in the case of my first few attempts). Good work anyway, though, and I'll give more positive feedback as soon as I get the code to work.
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 8th May, 2005

Awesome! Like Quadralien said, the graphics could be better - but the game itself is just great. You might want to think about tweaking some of the weapons though too - I beat the whole campaign in about ten minutes without having to change my bot much, thanks to the 4knife and booster. Ripper :main; :set title; :Ripper Bot; :set botcolor red; :set item1 machine gun; :set item2 booster; :set item3 power shield; :set item4 4knife; :start; :if scanner off; :start scanner; :set scanner to enemy; :endif; :if health ok; :set target tracking on; :endif; :if health low; :set target tracking off; :endif; :if fuel low; :stop scanner; :endif; :set direction enemy; :if enemy not close range; :fire item2; :fire item1; :endif; :if enemy close range; :fire item4; :endif; :if bullet close range; :fire item3; :endif; :if in gravity attractor; :fire item4; :endif; :if health low; :activate engine reserve; :endif; :/main; I killed EVERYTHING. ^.^ But never the less, beautiful, beautiful work. You should make a sequel to this (or even just an enhanced version)
Posted by chrilley 9th May, 2005

This is cool, you know. For the 2nd (if you make any) I wish you could get some sprite artist to help you. Because this is fun but the graphics wasn't too good. Would also be cool if you could like unlock new codes/scripts for your robot. Nice game idea.
Posted by Linkman 9th May, 2005

Very awesome game. Now all it needs is better graphics and a better coding engine. Otherwise a very fun and innovative game.
Posted by Jason Dudie 9th May, 2005

I appreciate your comments dudes. I agree with the graphics, they do need some work. I'll keep that in mind in the future. Thanks.
Posted by Simon Colmer 9th May, 2005

doesnt seem to work for me, as soon as i go into a game it says DRAW for skirmish or you loose in a tournament - and i dont even battle, it comes up as soon as i click the start button :S
Posted by Simon Colmer 9th May, 2005

ok, i found out when u deactivate the music it just doesnt work
Posted by Jason Dudie 9th May, 2005

ahhhh, that makes sense as I have some events triggered by "no music playing". Amatuer mistake, sorry...
Posted by Böðvar Pétur Þorgrímsson 11th May, 2005

This isn't on the front page? I mean, although the graphics aren't awesome, the gameplay is amazing. That was proofed by One Girl Army, it had ripped graphics but it was amazingly fun. This is a challenge too, I am currently wiritng a Bot that defends itself and runs away, as well as shooting the enemy :) I'm using the machine gun, lazer, 4knife and transporter.
Posted by Nuutti 12th May, 2005

I won the tournament also, and bug, if i lose it anyway said i won it! bug. However a nice game.
Posted by alibaba 18th May, 2005

i was really enjoying the challenge....until i found the 4knife!!! This code completes it all first time! :main; :set item2 4knife; :set direction enemy; :set speed fast; :ifenemy close range; :fire item2; :/main; a great effort though i would remove this knife!
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 22nd September, 2005

I like your avatar :)
Posted by Toni Lähdekorpi 24th September, 2005

Very nice work but you should spend more time to make the graphics... Hoever good job ;)
Posted by Fragasnap 26th September, 2005

One word that I wish could be true: Online. This is probably my second favorite game I've ever seen at TDC. I agree with Alibaba that the '4knife' has got to go, I changed the SampleBot to just look straight at him and boost while using 4knife and he creamed everything with only one close call. :D:D:D
Posted by Silverdrake [Draconianware] 21st October, 2005

Were the graphics not made with TGF? They dont look like it...they look anti-aliased
Posted by Milo 15th March, 2007

It's easy if you know how to do it... But still, making 2 codes and seeing them fight each other is very enjoyable.






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