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Author: Brian Haase (FSP) Submitted: 24th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 86

Everyone knows the arcade classic Snake, right? Well, this is SuperSnake - Double the screens for double the challenge! The two snakes move exactly the same way on both screens, so you have to pay a lot more attention to keep from running into yourself. To add even more to the challenge, every 1000 points (10 apples) a wall appears in one of the arenas, but only one of them! So if you watch the wrong screen at the wrong time, you'll slam headlong into it.

Still not enough of a challenge for you? Throw it into 4UP mode and play Snake with FOUR screens. Same rules apply, but the arenas are consideribly smaller.

There's even three different speed settings (accessible from the Options menu) if your feeling skilled!

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Posted by The Chris Street 25th May, 2005

Haha, brilliant idea. Will download this a bit later.
Posted by Jason Dudie 25th May, 2005

this game is really cool
Posted by izac 26th May, 2005

Good idea, but really boring, you should add some music to it, and make bonus items which speed you up and that. ;)
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 26th May, 2005

Sounds good. How about some more ideas and i'll work on a Supersnake 2?
Posted by Jason Dudie 26th May, 2005

yeah, I noticed that there was no music during gameplay. That would make it cooler.
Posted by Death Reaper X0 26th May, 2005

Very nice :)
Posted by Cecilectomy 26th May, 2005

this is very exciting. this is the next best thing since toast.
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 27th May, 2005

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who voted, and to Circy for the awesome frontpage metion. Thank you! I really appreciate the positive feedback. And a thanks to 'Jameslikeme' for the review, that'll help me a lot rebuilding this game later.
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 29th May, 2005

Wow, an original snake game! And it's fun too, well done. It could definitely use an online scoreboard, and it would also be good if the snakes had proper bodies as opposed to being a series of identical squares, if you see what I mean. You could have an item that swaps the positions of the obstacles between the screens, just to make it more confusing, or obstacles that move, or sections of the wall that allow snakes to pass from one screen to the other, or something that reverses the snakes, or.. well there are lots of things you can add. This is a good start, though!






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