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Review: SuperSnake
Author: Jameslikesme
Added: 26/05/2005

Jims opinion follows, read at your own risk

An excellent little time waster This game pits you in "Snake for the mobile", but having to deal with multiple onscreen snakes at the same time. It may seem ridiculously difficult to play more than one at once, but indeed it is a very doable and enjoyable challenge. The only real problem with the gameplay is that there are no goals as such - beating your high score gets old pretty fast, and powerups/levels would be great A cool powerup would be shortening a snake, or destroying a blockade. The game gives you 4 screens with a snake each, all in the same position, but at different lengths as the game progresses, and different obtavcles to avoid.

The presentation of the game is ok, but a help screen,/ more documentation should be added, also, an online scores section would be cool. It would also be cool to have 2 players playing with 4 snakes iykwim

The graphics are passable - not really excellent but similar to many snake games in their simplicity. They could be alot better, with diff colors etc for each screen.

The sound is pretty crap, with only one or two sound effects; this is rather dissapointing, as some mp3 music would really be good.

The controls are excellent, as this game handles perfectly, better than any other snake game in my opinion. The snakes manoeuvre(?)perfectly.

Overall, quite good, but could be Fantastic, with a few enhancements eg. powerups, levels, multiplayer, & music. Bring on Version 2!

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