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Blast Radius
Author: DaDDe Submitted: 26th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 320
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Edited By DaDDe on 5/26/2005

This game was made by me and CsaR (my fellow starlord member). I did all the coding and CsaR did the gfx and most of the music composing.

* 1-3 player horizontal space shooter.
*Upgradable weapon system
*6 levels with a boss on each level
*Many different enemies to shoot down
*Custom mp3 soundtrack

You take on the role as a Space Ranger who works for the GalactiCops. A well known rebel group are assaulting merchant and trade ships throughout the galaxy and you have been assigned to lead the investigation.

When we started making this game we used a bit of reference from the nes game "Life Force". People will probably notice this a bit in the weapon system and the gamespeed/level design as the game is a bit slower paced.
The game's pretty tough so we added difficulties so hopefully it's a bit easier now.

For you guys who thinks 7 mbs is to much then try the lite version here. The difference is that there is lesser songs and no speech on the mapscreens basicly. <- 3.7Mb

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 (7mb )

Posted by The Chris Street 26th May, 2005

Heh, this is pretty neat actually. I downloaded with little expectations, but this is probably the best shooter I've played since Last Defender, by MIG2. Some suggestions though. The enemies are too small and too fast, and it's really difficult to hit them. It's also not entirely clear which parts are backdrops and which arent. For example, the first level, there was an orange planet which appeared and I couldn't really tell if I should go over it or not. Fortunately I did not die. Second level, same applies to the trees. In addition, the enemies shoot far too many bullets. Combine this with the stars and its very hard to dodge them. Other than that, not bad at all.
Posted by CsaR 26th May, 2005

Thnx for the front page mention and the feedback. The easiest thing to do if you are confused about the backdrops is to shoot at them. If your weapon fire goes through then so can your ship.
Posted by axel 26th May, 2005

yay, looks cool. :D
Posted by axel 26th May, 2005

the powerup system is a bit like the old KnP example 'Gracillis V' XD. Very nice game though (*g)
Posted by Jason Dudie 26th May, 2005

this game is pretty hot. It's pretty difficult too. It's cool though.
Posted by ripthor 26th May, 2005

This game s very good, but like everyone else said, pretty damn hard. I know you probably wanted to make it look like Gradius, but you should try to make it easier. Like giving continues or letting the player keep his weapons after he died.
Posted by GrieferSutherland 27th May, 2005

pretty decent, except i wish i could continue
Posted by Rox Flame 27th May, 2005

yeah... this game is too hard, it's simply annoying trying to hit tiny little things when your bullets move so slow the enemies move by the time they get to them, and whats with having no mouse cursor in the menus!
Posted by The Gonz 27th May, 2005

There's a PS1 game called Blast Radius. Didn't know if you knew that... This game is a nice challenge and a nice change of pace from the usual crap being released. As for the wimps who say it's too hard... Centipede would be too hard for these nancy boys. Great job!
Posted by »xerus 27th May, 2005

Its a very good game, but by giving it a Gradius style power up system, you also gave it the Gradius effect. When you die once, it is impossible to get back up to speed and continue the game. Unless you play Gradius V where they fix that problem by giving you your options back. If it wasnt so hard to continue after dying, it wouldnt be that bad.
Posted by DaDDe 27th May, 2005

Thanks for your criticism. I'm glad some of you liked it :-) so you think it's to hard...even though you play it on easy?! Instead of countinue there is a password to the third and fifth level...but i guess some of you didn't even make it to the third level... Maybe these passwords will help: level 2: 1010 99 lives: 851227 When you use the 99-lives cheat you can't get highscore. Actually we tried to spread the powerups in the levels so it would be easier to get your weapons back when you die. The best tactic btw is probably to get iceblast level 2-3 and some missiles. Try to get a shield as fast as possible to.
Posted by Yai7 27th May, 2005

A compact tip! The first boss is eiseey if you get Agggge shots! =)
Posted by CsaR 27th May, 2005

@Xerus Tiyuh: Hmm I haven't played Gradius and neither has DaDDe, I have to try it out since everyone says our game is a bit like it. I have played Gracillis V or whatever it was called in KnP though XD @ripthor: Well for us obviously the games is very easy even on hard. Making you keep the weaponry after you die would make it ridiculously easy for everyone. But I guess we could of have made it just power down a bit and not entirely. @The Gonz: We didn't know that until like half a week ago when we did a google search. Couldn't be bothered to change the name though. Hopefully they won't hunt us down like dogs. :P Some tips for everyone: - Use the missiles to shot the green ships so you don't have to stay in front of them.
Posted by »xerus 27th May, 2005

To those who said it was too hard, I found the game to be quite easy still on the Hard Mode, but I play a lot of shmups so I guess I have the ability to dodge a crap load of bullets coming at me. I enjoyed a lot of the concepts, dodging the falling ice was fun, but with options following you it was kind of difficult. They sort of look like too much of the ship when your not directly focused on the ship, trying to concentrate on your death defying flight path through the obsticles. I was playing in windowed mode, so that could have made it slightly more difficult. On another note: The bosses are way too easy.. most are killable within 3 seconds of their appearance =/ And the enemy bullets blend in with the backgrounds far too much, in the space levels most of the enemy bullets look like stars, and in the ice level the bullets are lightly colored... ugh. C'mon, give me some contrast ;D
Posted by axel 27th May, 2005

"Aggggge shots" :D haha! 'Aggggge'='Flame' in hebrew! XD
Posted by X_Sheep 27th May, 2005

There's a Klik Game called Blast Radius too. It was a Scorched Earth-like game with a way too big resolution :P
Posted by Brian Haase (FSP) 27th May, 2005

I gotta agree with the others - it did seem a bit too hard. But on the other hand, I'm not terribly stunning at these kinds of games. I'm going to keep playing it a bit. You really do need to do something about the artwork, it's very difficult to tell things apart. I slammed into those big wall-like asteroids once simply because I was watching the brightly colored ships and didn't even notice the damn thing. And dodging the bullets from those cargo container guys was pretty easy - when I could see them. The white bullets started to blend in a bit and it got tricky too. But criticism aside, it's a pretty awesome game and I can tell a lot of work went into it. There's still a lot of room for improvement, but it's an impressive start.
Posted by wario 27th May, 2005

I got 56k =( so I'll d/l this game later when I got time.
Posted by Imadjinn 27th May, 2005

Decent game you got here. The ice level kicked my ass.
Posted by Teapot 29th May, 2005

I thought it was awesome.
Posted by Harvy 29th May, 2005

Definitely suffers from the "Gradius V" effect. The game is very hard without powerups and very easy with them, except for dodging indestructible objects.
Posted by Tomssuli 3rd June, 2005

Kinda hard, but fun... You could make it so that you wouldn't lose the powerups you've collected if you try to boost a fully boosted ability.
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 3rd June, 2005

I died in the end of sun, but still won the last level because of the helping rangers :)
Posted by Hempuli 4th June, 2005

Strange musics...:o
Posted by Vanloon 7th June, 2005

Just wanted to say I didn't think the game was *that* hard. If you get to level 3 then the creators have very nicely put a load of ships carrying powerups right near the begginging to help you if you start there with the password. Also the parralax backgrounds made it pretty easy for me to see what you could run into and not. The slower moving things are in the background and so you can run into them. I liked it!!
Posted by matty - (pandemonium games) 10th June, 2005

this game is amazing but near impossible to get anywhere if you use the password to get to the fourth level.
Posted by timsoft 13th August, 2005

great little game. shame about loosing all powerups on one hit. if the player had a health type countdown that would help, or a save game option would be brilliant.
Posted by 25th May, 2006

Heh, this game is awesome!
Too hard? Nah, i got to the last level without even getting hit one time!





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