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Lunar Lander 7k
Author: DaDDe Submitted: 22nd June, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 130

Lunar Lander 7k is a classic lander game but with lots of new features.

The "standard task" is just to land your lander vessel on an other plattform.
It may sound easy but it's harder than most people think!
And in some levels you must first collect or destroy boxes.
You will also face different gravitation fields.

The game has 36 standard levels + 6 bonus levels.
Every level has a highscore list.

This game is the follow up to Lander 6000. This game is a lot easier and you don't have to buy fuel and bombs.


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 (7.5 Mbmb )

Posted by axel 22nd June, 2005

*whew* lander 6000 was just too hard. dl:ing...
Posted by Matt Boothman 22nd June, 2005

7.5 mb? Is everyone mad these days?
Posted by CsaR 22nd June, 2005

the dial-up days are over :P
Posted by clwe 22nd June, 2005

7.5MB is fine for a full game, although I'm wondering how much of that space went into the colourful, but unnecessary backgrounds (16-million colours? If so, that really sucks space away) Anyway, downloading...
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 22nd June, 2005

Great game!
Posted by clwe 22nd June, 2005

Alright, I've just played it...I got up to world 4 in about 35 deaths, which I thought was pretty good. I reckon this world's got me beat, though - those damn yellow gates, heh. This is a definite improvement over the last lander game, and very enjoyable. I appreciate the drop in difficulty ;) that's a good thing, as is not having to worry about scraping cash together for fuel or bombs. It's challenging (that's for sure), but most levels are certainly 'do-able' with perseverance. Lesee...what else? The menus are nicely laid out and easy to use. The backgrounds and graphics are a mixed lot...mostly functional, but it hardly matters when all your atttention is on delicately thrusting and rotating the lander =P. Good job - I give this 'old-skool' game a thumbs up.
Posted by Tina Petersen 24th June, 2005

downed,played.. to hard.. and i always vote down on graphics which makes my head dizzy...
Posted by Reno 27th June, 2005

damn! I guess you made it to the finish line first :-( I was also making the same game! (diffrently Thoe) Oh whell, i'll try to make mine diffrently then. :-P
Posted by DaDDe 28th June, 2005

thanks for your comments everyone! Sorry for the filesize..yes I used 16-million colours.. Glad to hear Penguin:Reno , I love lander games! When is your game finnished?
Posted by Airflow 30th June, 2005

6000 kicked ass. This must kick ass more! Dling... (I still hate dile-up)
Posted by ben mercer 14th July, 2005

Look's cool. I'm currently making a game very similar to this but with a slightly different control method, a storyline and special weapons.





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