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Map Engine (Metroid/Castlevania style)
Author: Bogo47 Submitted: 27th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 446

Here is an engine that will show you how you can create a map system like in Castlevania: SotN where each little square of the map is displayed once you reach that area. There is also an option to display the entire map, but in a way that you can still tell which areas you haven't visited, as well as an option to save/load your map coverage. It also shows a method of moving between different frames with multiple exits.

This was originally created for a couple games I was going to make but didn't. I've never really seen anything like this done in a klik game before despite all the Metroid-style games that are made so I thought I may as well shares it with you lucky peoples. It's a little complicated but doesn't require very many events and I've attempted to explain all of them. And no extensions are required as far as I know.

This is for MMF only. Not sure whether it is possible on TGF or not but I suppose I could find out if necessary.

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Posted by Jetstar 27th May, 2005

Stupid comp won't let me save target as. Sounds good anyway.
Posted by Destroyer (CrobaSoft) 27th May, 2005

Nice, very useful.
Posted by Bogo47 27th May, 2005

I only put up a link to a page where you can download the file, not to the file itself. So you need to go to the page before trying Save Target As.
Posted by MidnighT_RaveN 30th May, 2005

this is really good... the spriting is really nice, too. *thumbs up* I figured this is how you'd go about doing something like this, I just never got around to trying.
Posted by Zethell 28th August, 2005

Nicely done! :D (Y)





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