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Author: Crystal Noir Submitted: 27th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 52

Edited By Guillaume Hédieu on 5/27/2005

It's a small puzzle game. I made this game to learn how the Advanced BoardGame works. You have to destroy all bricks in the game This is the first game I submit here

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Posted by Yai7 27th May, 2005

מצויין! מצויין!!! (:
Posted by Ski 27th May, 2005

WHA!? whats with the anakin action figure as a background?
Posted by Crystal Noir 27th May, 2005

Nothing ;) I like Starwars and I think this background is not bad. I didn't know witch background I had to choose..(sorry for my bad english lol)
Posted by Zoglu 27th May, 2005

"witch background" witch -> which (many frenchmen do this error)
Posted by The Chris Street 27th May, 2005

I dunno about this, it looks like you just used the code that came with the example for this extention and slapped on some graphics. You should try harder.
Posted by Crystal Noir 27th May, 2005

Yes, In the manual, this is the method the author wrote. I try to make a game which looks like Crysalis but more complete and with other rules, bonus, malus etc...For Crysalis I wanted to make a game like this and si^mple :)
Posted by Crystal Noir 27th May, 2005

I have made Crysalis to learn and understand how the extension works. I have understood now :) Yes example and Crysalis are the same (engine) but i don't copy/paste code. I read, understand and apply :)
Posted by guri-n ha 30th May, 2005

good for u :P




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