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Author: Patrice Cervellin Submitted: 29th May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 523
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Edited By Shabadage ( on 5/30/2005

You play as Ania, the last hope in a civil war between mutants and those that remain of the humans. Do you have what it takes to kill the mutants and rescue the humans from a sickening fate?

Original Music
6 Weapons
10 Levels
3d Rendered Graphics
Special effects that will take your breath away.

Version light (4 mo) without video and music here :

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 (17,5mb )

Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 30th May, 2005

Downloading, looks very impressive
Posted by Twiner 30th May, 2005

very good game :)
Posted by Simon Colmer 30th May, 2005

i know you shouldnt judge a book on its cover (on in this case a game) but this looks sweet! well done, downloading....
Posted by RedHades 30th May, 2005

Very good looking game! A bit tough though. I like the movie at the start. Well done. The spinning graphics at the tittle menu are awesome.
Posted by MidnighT_RaveN 30th May, 2005

I better download this.. or else.
Posted by MidnighT_RaveN 30th May, 2005

the resolution is way messed up on my monitor.. but it's pretty fun. it's alittle too easy to die at first, in my opinion. good job on the graphics and stuff... although I'm not too big of a fan of renders.
Posted by Patrice Cervellin 30th May, 2005

Thx, it's very difficult to optimize resolution for this game type. I want a game very funny and speed and other resolution made game slow.
Posted by Willy C 30th May, 2005

I love top view click games! :) this is gonna be great! downloading
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th May, 2005

Well, I just played it for a bit, and it's a decent attempt. But the AI is, umm, strange, and I had a few enemies "warp" half a screen away. The levels seem very haphazard as well, I don't really sense much of a design here. Don't get me wrong, it's a bit of fun, but lacking.
Posted by axel 30th May, 2005

and you could use some english-lessons too it's time to pay your bill, baby!
Posted by axel 30th May, 2005

yay, the image link's working again :)
Posted by elektro_D.I. 30th May, 2005

nice game! and nice musick (fruity loop rulez ;) ) Unfortunaly the resolution create a serius problem on my monitor.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th May, 2005

he's french, so the language part is understandable, I'm the one who touched up the translation he had before, at least on the description. We don't (usually) harp on those who have a legitimate reason for not knowing english well, it's the idiots who talk like second graders that we do harp on.
Posted by ben mercer 30th May, 2005

This could be a good game but it has very big flaws. -the sounds could be much better; get a chainsaw sound that seamlessly loops -the graphics are good but the animation? bleargh! their feet move far too fast! -It is far too easy; all you need to do is keep jumping on the crates and picking up health and whenever you are attacked by a melee (chainsaw or mutant) just jump on a crate and you are safe, and the machine guns are easy to dodge because you can move so fast. -It is an isometric game, but the collision system acts as if it is top down -That resolution you used mucked up my monitor and i had to set it up again; not good :) But the graphics are very very well done. I would be interested to know whether you modelled the characters yourself, or whether you used something like poser. One thing lacking is the way the oil can explosions move- that's one special effect that didn't quite take my breath away.
Posted by Joey Drasal 30th May, 2005

This is a good game but like ben said there are big flaws The game is too fast which sucks and the resolution could be better.
Posted by »xerus 30th May, 2005

I'm really not a fan of the 3d rendered graphics in a 2d game, it looks out of place...
Posted by Harvy 31st May, 2005

The game displays upside-down!! Never seen *that* in a click game... oh well...
Posted by Fatace 31st May, 2005

my sound and display was a little .... well..... meh
Posted by RedHades 31st May, 2005

3D rendered graphics in 2D games can look good. You just have to tweak the lighting on the models and control the transparency aliasing around the renders.
Posted by ben mercer 31st May, 2005

yeah cause otherwise you end up with messy black bits around the edges.
Posted by --))AlexOfBurg((-- 31st May, 2005

Was i the only downloading at 4kb/s?
Posted by Willy C 31st May, 2005

Are some of thoose models and gfx ripped?! Pretty Im sure Ive seen thoose buttuns on Fallout. Anyway, good game, really good intro, which I understood french...! But there is little variation throughout the levels. The Enemy AI is strange. Its easy to make enemy AI, sign up on the 'top view game' at and read my articles and download my examples.
Posted by Patrice Cervellin 31st May, 2005

thx guy. All graphics has made by myself. I use poser as guide proportions for modelise characters and somes textures bases. I love Fallout ambiance but I make my gfx (photoshop powa !)
Posted by ben mercer 2nd June, 2005

Some of the sounds sound like their ripped, i regonise the sound when you walk into a hostage from the shockwave game alien X. I completed this game and was rewarded by a 5 second blank screen and then a game restart. The game was too easy. All you needed to do was keep running and jumping on the boxes until you reached the weird unexplained cylindrical thing that transports you to the next level. I never actually got any weapons exept for the machine gun.
Posted by Cybermaze 2nd June, 2005

I am sorry, but I gave this game a thumbs down :( The game obviously have potential, but is not really fun in its current state. The speed is much too high and the AI very basic. The high speed really takes away the fun I think. Also it seemed very easy until I died for no apparent reason. Maybe you could expand further on the story of the game, and actually build levels that interact and/or is a part of the story evolving.
Posted by Garth G 3rd June, 2005

I give it a thumbs UP. I thought it was good. The problems in the game imsure are fixable. Yes the grafix were a definite thumbs up but the sounds were kinda messed on my computer. A new vershion would kick ass :-) great game! I love 2d side scrollers!
Posted by Yuhkaz 7th June, 2005

This game freakin' rules..
Posted by Leon101 14th June, 2005

I love top down shooting games, so I'll play it. Looks pretty good, I love 3d rendered games.
Posted by RopeDrink 10th August, 2005

Reminds me of Alien Breed, altough far too fast. If the animations, movement and character (As well as the rate of fire slightly) could be decreased so that half the time we actually SEE what we're doing, it would be far more fun and tense. Also, it's easily possible to simply bound right through the level (ie. Jump on crates to avoid damage etc) which is bad, also. If some kind of serious background design was incorporated, such as bashed up city streets, or even inside buildings, that would really look nice, rather than the clutter of crate, boxes, trees and cars that you have. Liked the music, and the movies also. They add a certain anticipation to the game but, like I said, as soon as I started zipping around the levels, all that was lost. Despite that, it's a nice attempt, and certainly the type of game I'd like to see more of. Thumbs up.






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