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Review: DownCounter
Author: -Vinny-
Added: 30/05/2005

{note: this is a first impression review)
(note 2: i played the light version, and therefore i left the sound and music rating at 5)
the game looks like it's quite good, but for some reason i couldn't find myself playing for more than 5 minutes, there just didn't seem to be a point in the game to further it's purpose, all i remember was killing enemies, and saving women who ridiculuously looked like they were sex slaves (you know, being tied to a board an all, and their legs spread apart, hint hint)

anyways, this game would have lasted longer if it were presented better, the main menu seemed a bit off, i didn't exactly know what i was doing, so i just clicked on the button with the '1' and all of a sudden i'm playing, sure there was that loading screen and all, but it still threw me off, the concept was quite basic, as mentioned above, the player is set in tight spaces, and shoot enemies carelessly (at least taht's what i did) while saving sex slaves, and i ended up dying after running into an already blown up {fuel?} barrel

after that, i just stared at the screen for a good 30 seconds, just wondering 'wtf' and i started over again, played for like 2 seconds and closed the game, there didn't seem much point in playing all over again, i found it to be antagonizingly lonley in the game, like you're all alone, and anyone you find, you either killed, or you walked over them and they dissappeared, and once again, you're alone, the game felt pretty bland, looks good, plays well, but doesn't have much of a point to it

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