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Master Mind
Author: Arjan Burggraaf [Eggy] Submitted: 31st July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 44

The ultimate mind game! Master Mind!

I've made this game back in 2002. I think that this is the first Master Mind game ever made by a clickteam product. It's a nice game, so please try it...

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Posted by Nuklear41 31st July, 2005

It is good. When I saw this on the downloads the first thing I thought was, MIND MENACE. But then It was Master mind.
Posted by Flava 1st August, 2005

Posted by Ecstazy 1st August, 2005

Didn't the first Nokia phones with games have this?
Posted by DaVince 2nd August, 2005

Dunno, but it's not originally a phone game. Besides, it works with colours and stuff. How would that be possible on the first Nokias?
Posted by Nuutti 3rd August, 2005

I have always liked master mind game. ORiginaally a phone game??! I could swear it isnt...
Posted by Bibin 4th August, 2005

mebbe with patterns... checker.. black.. white.. stripe viertical... stripe horozontal... smiley...





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