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Acid Strike Beta 1.1
Author: hapsi Submitted: 4th August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 300

I uploaded beta 1.0 here about week ago.. now this is beta 1.1.

Acid Strike is topdown shootter. You kill aliens with your team. I have fixed some serious bugs in 1.1.. now you can change scrolling style from main menu. Allso the game engine is not as heavy as in 1.0.. Some information about the game:
-6 difrent weapons in beta: Knife, Pistol, Shotgun, Flamer, Pulserifle + Grenadelauncher, and C-4 explonsives. Full version will include Smartgun, and Missile Launcher and maybe more?
-Cpu players. In beta you have marines squad with you at the beginning. It's important to cover your team.. they may save your ass.
-4 difrent enemies in beta. Facehugger, chestburster, alien drone, and alien warrior. Try to stay away from these creatures. Their blood is acid, so kill them from a long distance.

Sorry about my bad english =P.. Give me feedback and ideas..

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Posted by hapsi 4th August, 2005

TO ADMINS: "Chris Street / Circy" gave me permission to add this download. So don't delete it! I know i should have just edit my "Acid Strike Beta 1.0", but i deleted it.
Posted by Jason Orme 4th August, 2005

Would have been more original if you hadnt of stolen the "Alien" concepts.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 4th August, 2005

It's Good, I like it. Some nitpicks: Players need walking animations, there should be a Run button, the alien blood should be more yellow-green like the movies, the NPCs shots are too good, maybe strafing could be added? I think that's it, it's coming along nicely though. PS, Jason, re-read your comment and see how dumb it is.
Posted by Mephistex 4th August, 2005

Very nice game; gets pretty tense at some points. One bug - the NPCs sometimes try to fire through walls when you're right next to them.
Posted by hapsi 4th August, 2005

NPC is cpu players? Offcource i stealed the idea from the alien movies..?!
Posted by hapsi 4th August, 2005

Have u seen "Aliens" -movie.. blood is green.. not yellow. It's yellow in "Alien 4" and i dont know why..
Posted by Mephistex 4th August, 2005

Have played it again and come up with a few more points: - The black pixel bullets look a bit odd. I suggest either making them invisible, white/yellow or semi-transparent. - It's a bit annoying, given the ease with which you die and your slow movement speed, having to redo the whole level again. Checkpoints would be handy. - Why are there so many dead bodies lying around? In the movies, victims were always dragged off back to the hive, not just left lying around. A few subtle blood-splats would have been better. - The opening 'diary' page is not great english, which is understandable. A better wording for what I think you were trying to say is: 'We have just arrived at the Wayland-Yutani Corporation's colony on C-52. Our mission is to find out why the colonists are no longer answering our attempts at communication. It might just be some kind of error in their transmission system, but I'm afraid that it is not. Their last transmission asked for fire support. It think it's going to be a hardcore bughunt this time.'
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 4th August, 2005

Hapsi, I guess you're talking to me, cos I mentioned the alien blood? Yeah, I own all the Alien movies, the blood has never been completely green, it's like yellow-green always. I didn't say yellow, I said yellow-green, which is like yellow, but with a bunch of green...
Posted by hapsi 5th August, 2005

Yeah.. i'm finnish. Thank's for "english - better english" translation.
Posted by hapsi 5th August, 2005

Checkpoints are not easy to make in cnc, but i'll add savepoints by levels to full version. Allso english will be correct. Yeah maybe there is really too much bodies lying around.. bodies should be in hives dragged to walls like in movies, and when player gets close to it, chestburster attacks or something..
Posted by Radix 14th August, 2005

The blood has always been more yellow than green.
Posted by hapsi 18th August, 2005

I will change the color to yellow-green style.. same color as in avp games.





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