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Unidentified 1942: beta nr.3
Author: hapsi Submitted: 19th September, 2013 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 90

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Here is the public beta nr.3. Give me bug reports and improvement ideas.

Tips that are not in the launch screen:

-Press Tab to open an objectives window >
-Use paratroopers, artillery fire, or parabombs by pressing "e" (while on the Tab menu and selected one)
-You cant call for paratroopers if you still have any team mates
-Use Flak cannon (the one witch is close where you start) by mouse middle or "G"


-There is a tank at the bottom of the playfield
-There are 2 heavy machinegunners at the first house on the road
-Be careful with the "Unknown Item" -weapon.. you might die using it near an object (wall, team mate, etc.)


-You have 500 grenades, all the weapons, and pretty much ammo.
-Enjoy and feedback!



SORRY, THESE DON'T WORK ANYMORE. I'll try to find a place where i can keep files for free for a longer time. Msg me if any ideas (of a good server that doesn't delete your files after a month).

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 (33 mkb )

Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 23rd September, 2013
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This is one TOUGH game! However, I can tell that you put a lot of work in the graphics. Everything looks great and the sound effects are very nice. I really like the fact that you see the buildings' roof until you get near them, then you see inside them. Good job!
Posted by hapsi 24th September, 2013

Thanks, the original idea was to show the inside of a building when you are in it but there are windows and maybe broken walls so it makes more sense while isn't as realistic.
Posted by columbo borgi :C 2nd October, 2013
Rated :

nice game
Posted by - Yelnek - 7th February, 2014

Just saw this in the forum and came here to try it out but... No download!
Any new links around?
Posted by hapsi 15th February, 2014

Downloads work now
Posted by cosmos 8th April, 2014

downloads dont work
Posted by hapsi 22nd August, 2014

Now the one do.. don't know for how long.





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