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Arena Mania Technology Demo
Author: Gamelon Productions Submitted: 24th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 110

Edited By Gamelon Productions on 9/28/2005

This is a technology demo of the Arena Mania game.

A brief description of the game:
Gladiators fight in gladiator arenas in the world of Anfara. The game world is viewed from true top-down perspective. A two-player versus mode.

Sir Dengal Shoemaker has no booze and he is starving.
To get some money, he decides to organise a tournament at the Colosseum. He and his fellowmen are succesful and his marketing campaign attracts many inviduals to participate in the Games.

Game features:

- The controls are fully customisable
- Support for both keyboard and joystick/gamepad controls
- Support for up to 2 joystick/gamepad devices
- Support for up to 32 buttons (joystick/gamepad)

Magic Spells:
Magic Missile, Fireball, Phase Doors, Teleport, Haste,
Slow, Flame Wall, Flame Wave, Death, Flame Shield,
Create Tree, Invisibility and Water Walk

System requirements:
- 466MHz Intel Celeron or 600MHz AMD Duron processor (Recommended: 1600MHz or greater)
- 128MB memory
- 8MB video card (Recommended: 32MB)
- DirectX 8 compatible sound card
- Keyboard or gamepad
- Mouse
- Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP
- DirectX 8 or newer

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 (18,1mb )

Posted by Pixelthief 24th September, 2005

doesnt work at all on mine.
Posted by kjarom 25th September, 2005

as good as your intentions were, i still can't comprehend how a game like this could be made on MMF. it requires a 32MB video card, dude...
Posted by Gamelon Productions 25th September, 2005

people still have their P166s and win 95... i'm sorry, this game does not run on low-end machines! you can do anything (with MMF) if you put your mind into it.
Posted by Gamelon Productions 25th September, 2005

well well. im running Celeron 750 with a lousy 8MB video card and the game runs like a dream: 47-51 FPS. there must be something terribly wrong with your Windows configuration! Please set the 'Animated Crowd' to '0%' in the Options screen and the game should run much faster. Press 'F12' during the game to see the FPS. The loading bar is not definitely fake. lol.
Posted by Muz 25th September, 2005

You stole my idea! Well, cept that I tend to make my games a lot more compact and avoid 3D-rendered images for text-based ones :P. 32 MB card?
Posted by Gamelon Productions 26th September, 2005

It has been tested that the game runs up to 10 FPS faster with 32MB Riva TNT2 card than 16MB Riva TNT1 card. That's why 32MB is recommended.
Posted by Gamelon Productions 26th September, 2005

"im running AMD XP 3200 and it lags like hell on that" now im running Intel Pentium II 400 with 3D Rage Pro AGP 8MB and the game runs like a dream: 47-51 FPS. No lagging at all.
Posted by izac 26th September, 2005

AMD XP 3200? and it lags? something wrong there pal!!!XD
Posted by izac 26th September, 2005

This game really does lack fun! OH and the game worked fine on my computer! 2800mhz XP:P
Posted by Gamelon Productions 28th September, 2005

heyy, this is just a TechDemo! Not a final game. So no wonder if it lacks fun! In the final game there will be traps, animals and the career game mode.
Posted by Gamelon Productions 28th September, 2005

Here is the source code of the infamous Arena Mania Technology Demo (over 32 000 lines of code): (274 pages, 3.5MB) (1.5MB)





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