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Santa Claus Adventure
Author: en kerro Submitted: 2nd December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 140

Edited By Perttu Tuovinen on 12/3/2005

You are Santa Claus! You have to take christmas presents as much as possible to kind kids! But you must not drop presents to chimneys, where is coming smoke from there... And watch out for evil elves, who are going to spoil the christmas. Can you get over 2500 points?


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Posted by Cecilectomy 2nd December, 2005

why didnt you submit this to the christmas compo?
Posted by AndyUK 2nd December, 2005

I had to go to your site before the link would work.

will ^ that link work better
Posted by AndyUK 2nd December, 2005

It's ok, evil elves are hard to hit because they're so large and it's a little repetitive.

I found out later on you can fit 3 or 4 presents in each chimney for a bigger score.
Posted by en kerro 3rd December, 2005

Link fixed.
To legendkpr: I didn't submit this, because I will make a much better and longer game for the compo...
To AndyUK: Of course you can fit more than one present per chimney. Then you'll get bigger score! And children will be happy.
Posted by AndyUK 3rd December, 2005

nah, greedy kiddies nowadays come to expect loads of presents. If not they'll beat Santa with a stick until he fulfills their demands.

er anyway i didn't know you intended to allow more than one present per chimney.
Posted by en kerro 3rd December, 2005

To get MUCH score, you must fit MUCH presents per chimney!
Posted by en kerro 3rd December, 2005

Vote it!
Posted by en kerro 4th December, 2005

yes, I can't fix that bug.. it's annoying

Posted by AndyUK 4th December, 2005

i didn't read that anywhere, my fault i guess.
Posted by en kerro 6th December, 2005

Awww, no one votes it...





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