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Bouncin' Ball
Author: en kerro Submitted: 15th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 59

Edited By Perttu Tuovinen on 12/7/2005

In this game you are a player of Bouncin' Ball -game, who wants to get the golden trophy! The game is like soccer, but there can be about 20 balls in the playfield and the players are everybody in own side and they can't leave own goal.
Genre: Arcade
Players: 1-4

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 (702kb )

Posted by Digital Dream software 15th January, 2005

tis okay but gets seriosuly annoying when 5 balls come towards you at once and its actually impossible to stop all of them taking your score instantly to 0!!!
Posted by Sean Kelly 15th January, 2005

I HATED IT! IT WAS THE WORST PEICE lol Im kiddin...downloadin now.Tell u what i think..
Posted by en kerro 15th January, 2005

ok. rate it.
Posted by Bo Fu 16th January, 2005

This is actually a good original concept. Thumbs up.
Posted by AfterStar 16th January, 2005

Original concept :P !Simple and original...Though like Digital Dream Software said its impossible to stop all balls once there are many on the field...
Posted by en kerro 16th January, 2005

I know it can be impossible. That's the point - you can't stop all of the balls. You must decide what balls you want to stop - and fast. But, when someone gets all of the skill points, tell me...
Posted by Jason Orme 16th January, 2005

nice idea, and very original, be great for a party game.
Posted by 17th January, 2005

gfx could have been better.
Posted by en kerro 18th January, 2005

Ahem... i'm sorry but... what is GFX? Means it some kind of The Games Factory... ..or... something else...?
Posted by Gus Stevenson 20th January, 2005

It means graphics.
Posted by en kerro 7th February, 2005

Posted by Tomssuli 13th February, 2005

This is funny game... Now to gather 3 friends and play it! :)





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