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Sudoku Time!
Author: X-Member24694 Submitted: 15th December, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 146

The Sudoku took over the world and now took over TDC!
To play Sudoku you have to fill the board with digits.
each digit should be only one time in each 3*3 box, line and column.
Choose level and select start and a new puzzle will be on your screen!
*Sudoku Time! doesn't allow you to put a number in a box, line or column that the number is allready exist in, what make your solving easier!

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Posted by Zethell 15th December, 2005

Sudoku didnt take over the world.. but apparently it took over you -_-;
Posted by axel 15th December, 2005

Not another one -_-'
Posted by X_Sheep 15th December, 2005

You still get credit for making a generator tho. -_-,
Posted by 15th December, 2005

that not "another one", it has a generator... -_-:
well... at least it took over israel...
Posted by X_Sheep 15th December, 2005

It didn't hit Holland that hard, it's now just like any other puzzle. It's not my favourite.

(lol, 'hit' as if we're talking about a disease of some sort )
Posted by 16th December, 2005

what's SARS?
Posted by axel 16th December, 2005

I can send you some if you want.
Posted by Teapot 17th December, 2005

Argh! It's following me!
Posted by tecbug 19th December, 2005

i like sudoku, but on paper. better than crosswords for boring lectures.
Posted by 19th December, 2005

too bad... but vote for me in the GOTW pool please!
poor LIJI never won a GOTW... (first time i got to the poll)
Posted by Daniel [JaDGames] 19th December, 2005

Great game! Thumbs up.
Posted by 20th December, 2005

Posted by Jakob37 20th December, 2005

I think it is too easy on the lower levels, if you donīt clear lv1 you must be a complete idiot (10 empty spaces of 81) but the higher levels give more challenge. Thumbs up.

Posted by 21st December, 2005

yay! tahnks.
the level 1 levels are really simple, it's needed to understand the basic of the game if it's your first time.
vote it on the GOTW poll please!
Posted by ben mercer 23rd December, 2005

Sudoku?!?! Arggghh!
Posted by 24th December, 2005

what do you peoples have aginst sudoku...?
Posted by en kerro 26th December, 2005

Sudoku is great. Thumbs up.

Posted by 26th December, 2005

Posted by 14284_14284 3rd January, 2006

dont like sudoku, whats the big deal anyway?
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 10th April, 2006

SARS Is Servere Acute Respiritory Syndrome .. ( :S i think )




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