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Ko-slakt IV (Cow-slaughter IV)
Author: renkin Submitted: 8th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Drive 'Em Up Downloads: 258

Edited By Lucid on 13/05/2006

Ko-slakt IV (or in English: Cow-slaughter IV) is a very brutal, highscore/stress relief type of game where you control an absurd machine, with which you shall kill randomly appearing cows in different ways, to get the highest possible score in three minutes.

It's now an old game, and honestly not very interesting. I had fun making it, though, so I'm keeping it here for nostalgic reasons, and for the mindless gore lovers/highscore game freaks.

But beware, I've not abandoned the concept itself, so a better Ko-slakt might see the cold light of the day in an undefined future.

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Posted by Simdrone052 8th June, 2002

David Holmin is known for being a very active member in the children of the corn.. heh.
Posted by 8th June, 2002

uh... its in the archives so why submit it again? also a thing i'd enjoy would be to kill the people that slaughter the cows...... and polititans... and police officers... etc etc
Posted by Rhys D 8th June, 2002

i liek cows :'(
Posted by Simdrone052 8th June, 2002

that was meant as a joke, the children of the corn usually dont tell jokes, because they are crazy murders
Posted by Simdrone052 8th June, 2002

ALSO, your avatar includes some freaky kid in it, and you like to kill cows with big machines, what more proof do u need!
Posted by pixelscope 9th June, 2002

yay! gustav! XD
Posted by Stian B. 9th June, 2002

Hey you guys,children of the corn is not for kids! :D I already told your parents...oh...dont say you dont have :P
Posted by The Green Stranger 3rd September, 2002

Är du från sverige? Are you from sweden?
Posted by renkin 13th September, 2002

Visst är jag det... ;) Ehm.. Yes, I am.
Posted by The Green Stranger 25th September, 2002

Sjukt spel! Asså David har du sjuk humor eller e det han andra vad han nu heter som har det?
Posted by 26th September, 2002

muuuu...bra och blodigt, som jag altid vill att spel ska vara
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 29th October, 2002

O.k.....guys how about the view on the game....
Posted by Chedich 29th October, 2002

Nice game. I like the Mad/Bloody cow thing.
Posted by Rott bott 14th March, 2003

Alltid kul med svenska spel.
Posted by Andrew Linde 27th April, 2004

All the good games I cannot download! This is one of them!
Posted by Nova Soft 9th August, 2006

Kill people not animals






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