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Mindless (IQ-befriat)
Author: Isbeorn Submitted: 18th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 89

Edited By Isbeorn on 14/05/2006

This is my first submission, and I'm afraid it's not a very serious one!
You are the Mega-potatoe and you are late for a meeting.
In your quest to get there you will unavoidably wreak havoc to the poor villagers scurrying about. You'll just have to make the best of it!

Up arrow: Jump
Left & right arrows: Move left/right
Down arrow: A "weapon" when in a special mode
Update: Updated the gore spreading a bit

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Posted by steve 18th March, 2006

lol, this is excellent! Thumbs UP!

I nearly completed it; there was 1 villager remaining but I couldnt find him anywhere

One thing you should change: make the villagers die ONLY if the potatoe is falling down. Also the particles seemed quite generic at times in the way they passed through the air, maybe add more random factor?
Posted by Isbeorn 18th March, 2006

AAAGH! NOOO!!! You're not supposed to kill them! =P

I agree on the blood-randomness part, the blood spreads visibly as a rectangle when too much. I will see to it.

Also, note that you enter another "mode" if you leave the play area on the right.
Posted by LaraSoft Software 18th March, 2006

Not a bad little game for your first attempt I love the whole potato theme. It's just so random
Posted by Kazuma 18th March, 2006

This is actually quite good. It was a lot of fun smashing the villagers and watching their blood spray, and the little crater left in the ground when you land was a nice touch.

I can only imagine how good something of yours will be when you get serious!
Posted by AndyUK 18th March, 2006

Hmm, That was weird.
You may want to put the controls in the game somewhere as well.
Posted by Isbeorn 18th March, 2006

Thanks all
You will see more of my creations here, I have a few games that need a little finishing up before I submit them, but I now have a place to upload them to!
Posted by Cecilectomy 18th March, 2006

so are you or arent you supposed to kill them? good game anyways. lot of fun for the 10 minutes it lasted.
Posted by Proto Belmont 19th March, 2006

Yeah, that was quite entertaining. Sometimes I recieved an excess of 6~7 fart noises, from some of the people I landed on. I don't know if that was a glich, but it made me laugh...
Posted by Kazuma 19th March, 2006

I think a few of my villagers actually tried to stand back up after I smashed them... then, of course, I smashed them again and again and again and again and again and again and again and then they FINALLY learned their lesson... so, ARE they supposed to stand back up?
Posted by Isbeorn 19th March, 2006

The excess fart noises weren't intentional to start with, but I also thought they were fun, so I left them.
The standing back up has annoyed me quite a bit and I haven't been able to fix it yet. I shall have another look at it!
Posted by 19th March, 2006

Boring..but it is funny.
Posted by steve 19th March, 2006

isbeorn, try increasing the maximum amount of active objects (in storyboard editor - frame) to the max. Weird things happen if this "limit" is exceeded; such as enemies not dying etc.

Posted by Isbeorn 19th March, 2006

Thanks for the tip steve, but I think I know what was wrong now. The ball movement of the villagers made them play their stopped animation when they were hit.
I'll just replace it with something custom.
Posted by Nudlez 19th March, 2006

Mindless indeed, and this is exacly how mindless games should be like. Thumbs up! And I am also from Sweden, just so you know.
Posted by TPK 19th March, 2006

This is really fun!

Good job.
Posted by BeamSplashX 20th March, 2006

This is the best story ever.
Posted by Joshua M. 20th March, 2006

Fun game
Posted by Airflow 21st March, 2006

hahaha! briliant. X)
I especially liked the way the villagers got squished by the potato, only to get up and start waving their arms.
May I suggest a sequal?
Posted by Isbeorn 21st March, 2006

I have come up with a few additions I might add, but I don't think a sequal to this kind of game would work very well. I'd just add those to the current version.

-Villagers dragging away their wounded (just to be squashed of course)
-Some weird tree behaviour
-Potatoe driving
Posted by Ben 21st March, 2006

Sorry, gotta have more of a point and purpose to keep me playing
Posted by DaVince 21st March, 2006

Posted by Moonyjacob 21st March, 2006

Sorry, but this is abit boaring. thumbs down
Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 10th April, 2006

Tjenare. har inte lirat detta spelet än. men gött att en svenne har gjort det. en tumme upp endå puss





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