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Dragracing 3
Author: Isbeorn Submitted: 4th November, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 136

Not having any time over to get back into my unfinished projects I've decided to abandon them =/.
But some of them are quite playable so I'll release them here, starting with Dragracing 3!

In this game you upgrade a dragracing car and race against up to three other players (hot seat). There is no limit to how far you can upgrade the cars so the speeds can become ludicrous. =D

It's all about upgrading your car to be the fastest in order to win the races, but you must keep it in balance or it may suffer from a number of different failures in which case your car won't finish at all.

After each race points are distributed to the players according to their placings. These points are:

-Tournament points: The player with the most tournament points wins the game!
-Upgrade points: With which you purchase upgrades.
-Style points: With which you can upgrade your car visually (front and rear wings, and width of tires)

As you can see in one of the screenshots you can change the amounts of these points to your own likings.

As of it being abandoned there are some flaws that I know of :
-At the end-game screen it doesn't display the real placings
-Some of the upgrades are useless in comparison to others (you'll learn which =P)
-Clicking the "Next"-buttons in the garages can be troublesome, but you can press Enter or Space Bar instead. The same for "Previous" where instead you can press Backspace.

Finally I would recommend playing this with friends rather than alone! (Because it's more fun, duh!)


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Posted by The Chris Street 4th November, 2006

I hope this doesn't mean a huge load of games released by you... Try and release them periodically.
Posted by Isbeorn 4th November, 2006

No there are only a couple of them worth being put here, 2 or 3 this one included. And that will be max one per week =P.
I would disgrace myself by releasing pure crap! (Probably shouldn't have said that =P)
Posted by Isbeorn 4th November, 2006

What? The engines get bigger when you have upgraded the cars a bit.
Posted by axel 4th November, 2006

He meant your avatar.
Posted by 4th November, 2006

It looks more like a guy in bush camo with a sniper, which I think is what its suposed to be. Game looks cool nice.
Posted by Isbeorn 4th November, 2006

Haha yes my avatar. Yeah that's supposed to be a sniper =P
Posted by Hempuli 5th November, 2006

Good game, but there's a lot of bugs. When my car finished a race, it got style points something like 10k, so i could take the best parts to my car and there was still something like 9000 style points. And when a game ended, it said "and the winner is player, second was *nothing*, third was *nothing* and fourth was *nothing*.
Somehow it can't find the names of the players.
Posted by Isbeorn 5th November, 2006

Yeah I'm sorry about that. I just can't find the energy to dig this back up to fix it. Hence abandon-ware. =(
Thanks for noticing that about the style points though. I messed up some alterable values when I wrapped things up. It should be fixed now.





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