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Flocking Hell
Author: badoona Submitted: 1st April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 55

Edited By badoona on 01/04/2006

Edited By badoona on 01/04/2006

A normal day in the life of Phil and Steve is interupted by a very grave and distressing event; Killer Sheep have invaded England!
They will stop at nothing to take over the entire planet and it's up to Phil (trained by Steve) to stop them and find out who is behind all this...

A 21 level platformer with 12 types of Sheep enemies over 5 countries. 4 different weapons and voices done by the real Phil and Steve themselves, among others. Animations and grpahics all hand drawn by Bad himself in a raw, cartoony style, this game is the best game to come out of Badoona Productions yet, mostly.

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Posted by badoona 1st April, 2006

Sorry you didn't like it, Phizzy!

The idea about taunt was that you should only taunt if you really have a chance to, away from danger. If you taunt right in front of them, you you should die - for being arrogant

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st April, 2006

This hurts.
Posted by AndyUK 1st April, 2006

Yes, England is the capital of the world. Thats the first place sheep would invade, i'm sure. But from where? Wales?

The voice acting is a nice touch although there is probably too much of it.
The graphics are quite well drawn. Is the main character based on Shaggy from scooby doo? hmmm...

the gameplay is a little lacking however and a bit slow for my liking. It got easier when i realised you can kill sheep by landing on them.
Posted by badoona 1st April, 2006

I know what it is, a little bug in the game. If after having picked up a rock you have not yet pressed left or right, then as of yet you haven't said which way you want to throw the rock. pressing up+x (x being the throw rock key) will taunt. So if you haven't yet pressed left or right then i think that it thinks the direction you are currently on is up and makes you taunt. sorry about this bug.
Posted by 2nd April, 2006

Oh dear..

Thumb's down.
Posted by Hempuli 2nd April, 2006

Nice try, but needs a bit improvement. Thumbs up thought. And Brandon, you should try to learn something from these graphics!
Posted by steve 2nd April, 2006

The gameplay design is the worst part of this game. Thumbs down
Posted by badoona 2nd April, 2006

Steve, what part of the gameplay do you find bad? I thought it was good to throw rocks, and then be able to pick up the same rock to use again. Jumping on the sheep is tried and tested and there is a good range of baddies that you need to beat in different ways. What's it lacking, what is the gameplay downfall?
Posted by badoona 2nd April, 2006

So faster action needs to be a part of the next game? Perhaps I like the slower paced games Do other people concur on this? It's not going to be Contra 3 or whatever, I don't like games that are too fast, like that. Some people have mentioned to me about the pause when you throw a rock or shoot the rockgun. This was intentional but maybe I need to reconsider this. When I think of it not many games I know make you stop as you fire but to my mind, you'd stop momentarily as you threw a rock at something. Right?
Posted by Isbeorn 2nd April, 2006

Ok, it's a little slow paced, but I don't think it's as bad as you made it sound.

The graphics are good, the voice acting is funny - and flockin' hell, the title of the game itself is funny! =D
Posted by AndyUK 2nd April, 2006

the game is not fun if all you do if jump over or onto sheep and jump over holes.
It's just boring you see.
Posted by badoona 2nd April, 2006

AndyUK, the first few levels are simple yes but the game does get harder and more involved as you go, there are plently of sheep bad guys that can't be beaten by jumping on them.

As everyone does I think (except maybe Phizzy who progressed from beginner to perfect instantly and is now completely without fault ), I will take things from the feedback on this game and my next one will be better.
Posted by AndyUK 2nd April, 2006

well i got bored before getting to the more involved levels.
Posted by steve 3rd April, 2006

Yeah, I played it again and found out how that taunt bug is happening: DEFAULT MOVEMENT was used (which causes many problems)
When the character "jumps" the direction will stay as "up" afterwards which is why the character does the taunt straight after picking up a rock.
The lesson to be learned here is: DO NOT USE DEFAULT MOVEMENTS!
Posted by badoona 3rd April, 2006

Yeah Steve, man. I will not be using the default movement for my next game.

I thought the game was pretty good and still do, I worked very hard. But it's time to raise my game and use custom platform movement to make sure the gameplay is solid. The lesson is learned.

My next game is entered in the next Caiman contest, the deadline date is the 1st september, so I have the time now to make sure I make a good enough engine. And i will.
Posted by izac 7th April, 2006

Is this game ment to be a joke?
Is this game ment to be a joke?

Aww fucking hell not again

Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 8th April, 2006

i voted for this game by accident in the GOT poll so sorry.




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