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Evolutions UPDATED!
Author: sylzayz Submitted: 3rd April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 284

Edited By sylzayz on 07/04/2006

This is the second demo for Evolutions. in this one, you can complete the entire first level and there is some features added.

for example : When you are in the Fish form , you can spit a bubble to trap the red molecule chasing you by pressing and holding "shift"


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Posted by Cecilectomy 3rd April, 2006

very sweet. only one thing. it lagged horribly as it scrolled. might just be my crappy computer though. very nice. thumbs all the way up.
Posted by Mruqe 3rd April, 2006

What a #$%^$&ng annoying host!

I think that a good and original idea is the main factor to make a decent game. And yours has a pretty original idea. There used to be a similiar game called "EVO" on Sega Genesis. But it was ages ago so most peole probably won't remember.

The graphics are very nice, so is the animation. Good job on that. I also like the way the creature you controll moves. It really feels kind of like swiming in the primal soup

Some suggestions:

- In a game where the gameplay is non-stop action, a pause key is a must. I got someone on the phone while playing an my creature was eaten instantly when I was away from keyboard.

- Slow down the evolutinon! There's a huge leap between level 2 and 3. There should be at least two more levels between an ameba and a proto-fish.

- Make the organizms your creature feeds on more varied. And the enamies too. It was kind of boring to complete the first two levels again after that god damn phonecall. Some variation in the creature department should mae the game more interesting and replayable.

And now for a complain: The game crushed two times when I was about 1/3 way through the third (proto-fish) stage. It didn't even display the good-bye screen long enough to read it.

Looks promissing. It could be a good game if you work on the replayability.

Thumbs up and best regards.
Posted by Hempuli 3rd April, 2006

this is GOOD

But it take 3 minutes to find the 'download the file now!'-button. VERY IDIOTIC HOST!!!

Thumbs up.
Posted by sylzayz 3rd April, 2006

thanx for the pause game idea

About the evolution process,i know its a big leap between level 2 and 3 , but i gotta make 3 different stages with 4 evolutions each. So that makes 12 different animals to control so i have to Code and animate them all. (and i want to actually finish this game) lol , thnx for pointing that out though.

About the game crash, well i could fix it ,if you want.

keep the comments coming!

Posted by sylzayz 3rd April, 2006

ill add different ennemies and food Mruqe, you are right, it should add some replay value.

thnx Hempuli !
Posted by JohnLastrologue 3rd April, 2006

I hope you planned air breathing species to evolve into, like in EVO.
Posted by sylzayz 3rd April, 2006

yes i did
Posted by Mruqe 4th April, 2006

So it probably turns into a platformer at some point...
Posted by sylzayz 4th April, 2006

yup, but with an arcade twist, just like in the underwater world.
Posted by RedHades 4th April, 2006

Screenshots are down
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 4th April, 2006

This is so...totally...awesome....O_O
Posted by sylzayz 4th April, 2006

I am open for any ideas or suggestions ! (thnx Lazarus!)

btw: screenshots were, and are still working
Posted by Rhys D 4th April, 2006

WOW. way to rip of the game SPORE.

wont be downloading.
Posted by sylzayz 4th April, 2006

lol, i was inspired by Evo on the snes, bah , dont try it, its your loss.
Posted by Aptennap 4th April, 2006

very cool game
Posted by norfair 4th April, 2006

Why not? Evo is a really nice game!

Nice job there too.
Posted by Ski 4th April, 2006

Hey sylvain this is pretty cool!Glad I downloaded it!
Posted by Zethell 4th April, 2006

Games that uses "Resize display to fill current window size" in TGF can lagg extremly on some computers no-mather what system you have.

I should advice you all not to use this function.
Posted by Zethell 4th April, 2006

- "WOW. way to rip of the game SPORE. wont be downloading."

Its a shame that retards like this man still excists in this time and world..

It seems that people has forgotten the REAL reason to why games really excists.

It is here too amuse us, not to be judged by us.

And i couldnt really say that its a ripoff, that would be saying that ALL FPS games are a rippoff of the first FPS game, therefore i wont play ANY FPS games EVER again!, the same goes for every other genre... Stupid -_-;
Posted by sylzayz 4th April, 2006

you just took the words right outta my mouth Letozeth, thnx for pointing that out.

For the Resize display feature, ill remove it in the next version hehe.

--Any ideas or suggestions for my game are always welcome!keep them coming.--
Posted by Liquixcat 4th April, 2006

Ctrl+P pauses it. It's a good game, but it crashed when I was a small fishie. The lag is also horrible.
Posted by sylzayz 5th April, 2006

really? ok ill fix that.
Posted by Rhys D 5th April, 2006
Posted by Rhys D 5th April, 2006

sorry if my first comment came across wrong. but i want to actually encourage people to make something original (i know i have been very unoriginal in the past and the games i made were boring because everyone had already played the same thing before).

i can understand that you wanted to create something original in click but even copying commercial games takes that feeling away.
Posted by pulsecode. 5th April, 2006

Ohh because spore is the first of its kind ever DUH ofcourse why didn't i see that? And ofcourse a 100% original game is so easy to come up with that every game everyone makes should be that way.... ~cough~ jackass...

Great stuff sylzayz anyway! I can see a lot of effort has gone into it. And i'm liking where its going! Top job!
Posted by sylzayz 5th April, 2006

thanx pulsecode! you are right.

at least some ppl see the potential of my game.
and its not because i was inspired by a concept that im actually copying anything.

Posted by Xenoc 5th April, 2006

After i saw the game that Rhys posted i freaked at how it looked, (good) so i really really can't wait for the release of your game, the micro-organism part looks awsome

can't wait
Posted by Xenoc 5th April, 2006

its like a mini game

Posted by DaVince 5th April, 2006

Nice, but the gameplay is getting boring after a while. You also might wanna ditch the egg and just make the player grow continuously whenever he eats another creature. And maybe more bonuses.

Other than that, this looks good!
Posted by sylzayz 5th April, 2006

what would be the purpose of Xp points if you evolve continuously?

You are right about the (getting boring after a while) part. i will indeed add some powerups and special attacks,because just wandering in the water in circles over and over again is boring i agree.

anyone noticed i made some (electricity ennemies) appear when you become a fish?

i will add more of these features in the final version.

thnx for your suggestions Davince.
Posted by Rhys D 6th April, 2006

you should be able to breed or something by laying eggs and then having them hatch and have shit swim around with some sort of AI
Posted by alibaba 6th April, 2006

Yeah i saw the electricity enemy - thats when the game slowed down for me tho

As for the comment above, some of the enemys do follow u around
Posted by alibaba 6th April, 2006

Wow just been reading about spore!

'Clicking on the egg brought up a creature editor, and allowed the player to "evolve" with a new generation of critters. The editor was amazingly flexible. Wright could give his creature extra vertebrae, he could give it fins or tails to move faster, he could add claws or extra mouths, whatever he wanted'

I know this is very advanced but it would be cool if u made it so the user could decide how to evolve - like maybe choose speed, strength, camoflague, the need to eat less - so every1s creature was slightly diferent!?!
Posted by sylzayz 6th April, 2006

well... my game isnt spore so i wont' be going in that direction because my game is mainly a simple arcade game.

but thanx for the idea though.
Posted by alibaba 6th April, 2006

fair enough

if i had more time on my hands i would quite like to try something like this
Posted by sylzayz 6th April, 2006

cool , go ahead !
Posted by izac 7th April, 2006

oh no! First i have to look how to download the game, and when i do i realize it's a F*****G .Rar file!!!!!!
Posted by sylzayz 7th April, 2006

The game is updated , go try the second version!
Posted by blaster182 7th April, 2006

I have sugestion... a fish shouldn't be bigger than a ameba? and why don't you try to give more realism to the game? cuz a fish don't catch food with a bubble... it should get more interesting... well I dunno how or what, more specificly, it's just a sugestion... good game though... nice idea... thumbs up...
Posted by Liquixcat 7th April, 2006

What's wrong with a .rar file? It's a better compression then .zip.

Now if only more people supported .7z....
Posted by Tomssuli 9th April, 2006

Nice I've always thought of making a game of evolution, but never got into it :/ All because I had a game named "Eco - the game of life" on Amiga when I was young and since then I've only dreamed to play such a game again... Eagerly waiting for the full version of evolutions! Good work!
Posted by sylzayz 9th April, 2006

you have put a smile on my face Tomssuli!

Plus,The developpement is going smoothly..I hope to finish it really soon.

Posted by Krepps 11th April, 2006

Would be really nice if you added a fish stage between the land and microbe ones.

Otherwise, really good game. Thumbs up.
Posted by sylzayz 11th April, 2006

good idea ! ill look forward to it.

Posted by pwincess 15th April, 2006

oley crap thats an awesome game ! cant wait till the full version comes out !
Posted by TheNiccer 20th April, 2006

Ahh... This game would possibly be awesome if my computer wouldnt lag when scrolling!
Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 21st April, 2006

really nice game.when hit several times,sometimes enemies make alot of bubbles and the game lags even more and crashes.
Posted by sylzayz 23rd April, 2006

buy a more powerful computer





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