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Author: morty Submitted: 15th May, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 278

Edited By morty on 31/05/2006

Frikik (pronounce as Freekick) is a simulator of free kicks created with Multimedia Fusion. This game is for 1-4 players (in hot seats mode). It provides smart replays and online results.

The aim of player is to get as many points as it is possible for a free kick. The points are calculated by algorithm, which takes into account several parameters of shoot, like swerve, pitch, strength, accuracy etc.

Everything you need to control is your mouse, choose HELP in MAIN MENU to see how to do this Good luck, try to beat the best result so far, which is 755 points (19th of May)

After each free kick you can see its replay, save it on hard disk, or even send to online database. The Top 30 results can be browsed through the game, however you can download replays and see ALL the results from a dedicated webpage:
You will be asked to choose your language (POL, ENG or GER), the choice will be remebered.

The button DOWNLOAD links to default English version.
The others are:
- POLISH VERSION (original):

Because there are problems with hotlinking, please click the button or link to download with LEFT mouse button. You will be redirected then to a page with direct link. Sorry for troubles, hope it won't stop you from enjoying the game!

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 (4.7mb )

Posted by Matt Boothman 16th May, 2006

Posted by Chaoz (Tri-Life Gaming) 16th May, 2006

whoa!this is the best klik sports game ive ever seen!
Posted by steve 16th May, 2006

very good
Posted by Matt Boothman 16th May, 2006

Very very very good.
Posted by axel 16th May, 2006

Looks decent. Downloading.
Posted by izac 16th May, 2006

this is pure sick. the gravity works well, You must of used X,Y,Z cordinates, the graphics look well and the menu and game is very professional.

Well done!!

thumbs up!
Posted by Flava 16th May, 2006

Brilliant - just needs a goal keeper now
Posted by steve 16th May, 2006

hehe, i've been playing this more than I expected to.
It's quite fun to see where you can get the ball to go; my highest score so far is 460 or something.
Posted by Spiriax 17th May, 2006

This is indeed very, very impressive!
I got I think 343 points as my best, didn't play it for too long though...
What extension (if it is any) lets you make a Replay function like that?
Posted by morty 17th May, 2006

Well, the most important are file object and array, with help of fast loop and ini object, also string parser 2 and encryption are used to encrypt and decode replay files.
Posted by Ganymede Graphics 17th May, 2006

it looks awsome so i cant vote thumbs down, but do you know why when i download it, when i try to extract it it says its corrupt or there aren't any files to extract, i've never ever had this prob before, its really wierd
Posted by Fadex 17th May, 2006

Very Good...
About 466
Posted by Hempuli 17th May, 2006

Posted by morty 17th May, 2006

BTW: There is an option of having custom adboards. Please download example from - these are adboards similar to those from UEFA CL - the file bandy.bmp should be put in main directory (where frikik.exe is). By editing this bitmap you can personalize frikik
Posted by Keatontech! 17th May, 2006

Wow, I like innovation in click games. I'm not much of a sporty person, but i'll give it a try.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 17th May, 2006

...with a keeper option would be sooooooo cool.

but it's awesome!

much better than I could expect at least.
Posted by Robbert 17th May, 2006

Hmmm, the zipfile still does not work. I can download it till -say- 25% and then I get an error that it has ended :S
Posted by Spiriax 17th May, 2006

Thanks morty for the help about the replay, I'll check it up.
Posted by Asholay 17th May, 2006

Got a 405!!!
Posted by lembi2001 18th May, 2006

Morty!!! What a Game. The Graphics are superb and the control system is original. Have you thouhgt about a basketball version. I would play it.
Posted by Master Pain 18th May, 2006

Great work Morty! Poland 4ever!!
Posted by Mruqe 18th May, 2006

Posted by Mruqe 18th May, 2006

As opposed to speaking swahili or swedish?
Posted by morty 18th May, 2006

Someone has just asked me how to send replays to the online board. So, to do this:

1) after shoot click REPLAY, or view the replay from main menu, if you saved it in the past
2) look at two buttons on the right sight of the player - a circle means saving the replay on a hard disk, while two triangles - sending to the board
3) Choose yes, and enter your nick, then OK and the replay will be sent. I will be published immediately.

(I just uploaded a new version of Frikik - the previous one in English version didn't count points exactly as Polish one did (in fact, Polish Frikik for the same shoot would give you more points) , now they are doing this in the same way. Sorry for that bug )
Posted by morty 18th May, 2006

And BTW, there are two minigames hidden somewhere in Frikik As far as Polish players one has already been revealed, can you find them ? (not to mention that there are some easter eggs as well
Posted by Asholay 18th May, 2006

click the 2nd i in Frikick on the main menu for some bat n ball game...
Posted by izac 18th May, 2006

I can't get over the niiiice movement!!
Posted by photoreal 18th May, 2006

Wow! That's amazing! The best Klik sport game i've ever played. Good job!
Posted by Lupies 19th May, 2006

Just in time for the upcoming World Cup.
Posted by axel 19th May, 2006

It looks really professional, but it's hardly very fun to play.
Posted by Mruqe 19th May, 2006

Same opinion here. Great job on the engine, but not really fun. But actually I'm one of the few people who didn't enjoy Deluxe Ski Jump And I hate soccer. So don't take my evaluation of your game to serious.
Posted by 19th May, 2006

It wouldn't let me extract! But ill vote thumbs up for the screen shots!
Posted by morty 19th May, 2006

Well, for those who couldn't download/extract it from this server, please try from the mirror, hope it will help:
The file to download is of course
Posted by Mruqe 19th May, 2006

You could consider geting a account. It's fairly reliable. I'm - for one- satisfied with it.
Posted by Chris Macadam 20th May, 2006

Looks good but i dont like soccer...I more of a football guy....Well you know the one with the odly shaped ball
Posted by Chris Macadam 20th May, 2006

Posted by 21st May, 2006

nice game thats my favorite sport u know
Posted by 21st May, 2006

i got a 1047
Posted by Mruqe 22nd May, 2006

Oi, Luis! Convert your avatar to some web-friendly format - I suggest gif. It's almost 300kb, for shrist's cake!
Posted by izac 22nd May, 2006

This is the coolest...!
Posted by Chrisbo 23rd May, 2006

I love the game, and the music is awesome! did you do it yourself?
Posted by morty 25th May, 2006

Music is made in one of the ejay's makers. Technically speaking, it is a modified and improved version of one of the examples.
Posted by morty 28th May, 2006

For a half a day my site was not working, but now everything seems to be OK, so the problems with downloading and sending results are gone Have a nice free kick
Posted by morty 31st May, 2006

Sorry for problems with server... I didn't realize there will be such number of games downloaded, and my limit of transfer has been reached already! I do my best to make Frikik available, and I've found a temporary solution - games are uploaded to another server, the disadvantage is it doesn't allow to hotlink, however for a moment there is a workaround for this.




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