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Edited By morty on 10/3/2006

Tankwars is a remake of classic Battle City - a game from NES platform - created with Mark Overmars' Game Maker.

The rules and gameplay are similar, however, some things are different. These are - for example - upgrade system, way how bullets behave, some new obstacles, health bars, new design etc.

Those, who played BC will quickly start to know what-to-do-and-where, for those who didn't:

* players control two tanks (default blue and green, this can be changed in options menu)
* there are 4 modes avaiable. SOLO GAME is for one player - this is a classic mode from BC. COOPERATION is for two players cooperating, this mode is also classical one. DEATHMATCH and HOLD THE FLAG are for two players competing with each other.
* control keys are listed in OPTIONS menu, and you can there also redefine them
* there are 100 standard levels
* each standard level must be completed before proceeding to the next and being able to start a new game from there. It means, that at the beginning there is only Level 001 available, if you complete it you will be able to start from Level 001 or from Level 002 in future etc etc.
* there are some bonuses and upgrades available. Some of enemies are blinking. Just after hitting them, an icon of bonus will apear somewhere. Collect it to get the benefit from bonus (you will see short description of bonus below your tank).
* upgrades have small white star in the right edge. They upgrade your tank (speed it up, decrease reload time etc.). Once collected they will be active as long as you are alive - after losing a life all upgrades are deactivated.
* There are some kinds of obstacles - brick, stone, water, tree, swamp. Bullets destroy only bricks, but if you have an appropriate upgrade you can also destroy stones. Bombs destroy bricks and stones. Water cannot be destroyed, but it doesn't stop the bullets. Tree also cannot be destroyed, it just cover the area of playing, making observation harder. Swamp reduces speed of moving. The other two things are gates and switches. Hit the switch to open or close the gate.

Following rules apply to single and cooperation mode:

* the bulb is your base - keep an eye on it and don't let enemies (gray tanks) destroy it
* your aim is to kill all the gray tanks. If you do it, you will proceed to next level

Following rules apply to deathmatch mode:

* your aim is to get frags for killing opponent. There are some setting available (frag limit, time limit, enemies), you can set them by clicking settings tab

Following rules apply to hold the flag mode:

* your aim is to collect points for holding a flag. Each second you have the flag gives points. To collect flag just run it over. To get a flag from opponent you first must kill him. There are some setting available (flag time limit, time limit, enemies), you can set them by clicking settings tab.

Fully functional level editor is also avaiable - save your custom levels in /levs directory to be able to play them in normal mode (saved levels are avaialble under EXTERNAL tab)

Have much fun!

BTW: More download mirrors have been listed on that page:,download

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Posted by Silveraura 3rd October, 2006

Original name... *cough*
I'll download later.
Posted by steve 3rd October, 2006

It's a good effort but let down severely by movement problems.
The game is a chore to play due to the sticky collisions against walls. The movement directions should be buffered so that when you turn a corner the tank will smoothly take it without having to clunk around with you hitting the arrow keys to get a response.

The presentation is nice though.

Posted by Tim 3rd October, 2006

Eugggh, yeah less glue on the walls and .. did you say Game Maker!? :|

There's been a few remakes of this, one previously was actually called 'TankWars' as well.. but yeah.

Not a bad remake though, graphics are nice - just needs touching up in places.
Posted by axel 3rd October, 2006

Hah, Gamamaker. Well, I guess it's the game that matters, not the tool. (But GM is still shite )
Posted by Assault Andy 4th October, 2006

Just looking at it, I can tell it's a clone of one of my favourite Gameboy B&W Games! I might download it later.
Posted by Yai7 4th October, 2006

There! You should play Z.A.T.T too!
Download my game: "Zvadiah Amajo's Tank Trooper"

This is a true battle city, mixed with bomberman's style!
Posted by Moonyjacob 5th October, 2006

I did not like this game


It's boaring and it is not a game someone is going to play it very oftan - make a remake of this game with this:

-mouse control for the tank head and left click to fire
-new game mode
-survival mode
-and finally 8 directions not 4

good graphics though!
Posted by morty 5th October, 2006

not possible, sorry It had supposed to be a classic remake, and I think you haven't play BC, have you? Nevertheless, I am now working on my next game, a sequel to Frikik but in 3d. Anyway, thanks for a comment, this give me an extra motivation to do my best

Posted by Sne 7th October, 2006

I proposed name "Tankihilation", but hell, no one listens.

Game is well made, but personally I don't like remakes.
Posted by morty 8th October, 2006

Tankihilation was very hard to spell and write correctly by non-english speakers, so TW remained
Posted by izac 9th October, 2006

Posted by Fadex 21st October, 2006

Are your productions U.2.

Tank Wars... hmm, it isn't bad game, but it's very, VERY boring.

Graphics looks cool.




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