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Mini Golf
Author: harrison Submitted: 10th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 88

Edited By harrison on 10/06/2006

This is a Mini Golf game that ive made.

i started it about 3 weeks ago and this is what i have so far.
There are 3 different courses to choose from with holes varying from par 2's to par 5's.
Some holes may seem unbeatable but they are quite easy when you get good.
There is a high score submission in the game as well.
You can either play 9 holes or 18.

The only controls you need is the left mouse button.
You click once to set the aimer and then a power bar will appear.
Click again to set the power and the ball will be shot in the direction of the aimer.
If the ball goes in the sand it will slow down.
If the ball goes in the water you will lose a stroke and have to take a drop.
Some hills are hard to hit the ball up so you need to shoot hard.
The ball can not go in the hole if it is shot too hard it will just keep on going so be carefull.
Thats all you need to know.

Let me know what you think.

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Posted by 10th June, 2006

Looks decent..
Posted by 11th June, 2006

Nice game and nice graphics. The title looks nice and i'll vote thumbs up.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 11th June, 2006

Quite good. Although it has a very simple engine, I believe it's quite fun.
Posted by JustinC 14th June, 2006

Does it use the bouncy ball engine? I made a minigolf once using it and it actually worked well. I also incorporated the drawline extension for aiming.
Posted by DaVince 14th June, 2006

Two mini golf engines at the same time? Hm!
Posted by harrison 15th June, 2006

yes i used the bouncing ball movement and it works quite well.
Posted by 16th June, 2006

Firespell (from S.U.M.G.O.O)'s is better!
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 16th June, 2006 <<<<< play this one its 100x better!




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