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King's Quest III
Author: Broomie Submitted: 19th June, 2006 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 323
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Edited By Rikus on 6/19/2006

I posted a preview for it, and Rikus loves adventure games so why not submit it as a download.

That's right, the long damn wait is over. I smile with joy as I type these words in, thinking if this day was ever to come. The production is over, the testers are done and everything is ready to go. King's Quest III has finally been released. Remember this date, the 19th of June. The day KQ3 was released!

It’s been twenty years since the evil wizard Manannan first appeared on our computer screens, but now, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team at Infamous Adventures, he’s back!

Kings Quest 3 : To Heir is Human was first released by Sierra On-Line back in 1986. As the second sequel to the hugely popular and successful Kings Quest series, it fast became a fan favourite. Roberta Williams, author of the Kings Quest series, broke new ground in computer games, introducing players to the magic map concept (making travel quicker between screens), timed puzzles and an in-depth spell casting system. All these things are standard fare in today’s games, but were original concepts in 1986.

Unfortunately, due to the advances made in computer technology over the last twenty years, such classic games no longer run on the modern computer. It was with this in mind that Infamous Adventures decided to remake this game, bringing it up to the quality of Kings Quest 5 & 6. Klytos, Executive Producer of IA’s Kings Quest 3 had this to say. “We just love this game and felt that even twenty years later the story was relevant and, more importantly, still fun. We wanted to introduce a new generation of gamers to this classic and show older players who remember the original something new and special. We think we’ve done this, but it’s up to the fans to tell us what they think.”

Boasting all new full VGA backgrounds, enhanced hand-drawn close up cut-scenes, dialog portraits for all the characters, original music by our professional composer, full speech pack (including narrator) and a new point-and-click interface, make Infamous Adventures’ remake of Kings Quest III one of the best remakes on the fan-game market. And the best part is, it’s free!

Re-experience this timeless adventure now at

We would love to give a huge thanks to everyone involved in this project, too many to name but you know who you are. Yet that's not it, it's you the fans who kept us going. We would love to give you the biggest of thanks out of anyone, I mean if we just had tumbleweed as support I don't think we'd have got very far. Anyway, I know you want to play the game. Well, go right ahead.

The voice pack will be released next week, we didn't want you guys to wait any longer. Don't worry, you won't have to redownload the game just for the voice pack. Just simply add the file to the program and boom, you're off!

Again, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who contributed, whether it be the team or the fans, this game is for you. Enjoy.

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Posted by Heart Break Kid 19th June, 2006

Broomie , you made Rikus emotional!
Posted by Nev6502 20th June, 2006

im so excited i downloaded the game 4 times!
Posted by DELETED!_by account owner 20th June, 2006

i downloaded it 20 times!
Posted by vortex2 20th June, 2006

Wow, that looks good. I tried to download it but I couldn't install O_o.
Posted by norfair 20th June, 2006

Nice purpose! And good gfx.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 20th June, 2006

Heroic. I didn't think this would be out for years.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 20th June, 2006

Actually, I've had installation problems as well - KQ3.000 contains invalid data (21FC).
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 20th June, 2006

(Three posts in a row!) Re-downloading the file seemed to work.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 20th June, 2006

These graphics...amazing...

I hate you, Broomie. O_O
Posted by Bartman 20th June, 2006

I must suck at Kings Quest games, because every time I play I manage to get killed. A lot. Plus this game seems to have problems, like going south of the Three Bears house, moving left in that area (South of Three Bears House) causes the character to move away from the west and go immediatley north to the house! Plus I kept getting stuck in the scenery at some points of moving from area to area.

But I cant help but admire the graphics and that I'm sure the game is still being worked on, so I'll hold my thumbs until the end.
Posted by Broomie 20th June, 2006
Rated :

"Actually, I've had installation problems as well - KQ3.000 contains invalid data (21FC). "

That's new, haven't had any problem with that.

Heh, we've had 10,000 downloads in two days. It's really crazy.

It was released with a few bugs, so they are being fixed and a patch will be released.
Posted by vortex2 20th June, 2006

Ok it worked after I redownloaded it .
Posted by Nev6502 20th June, 2006

Very good, I vote thumbs up!
Posted by AfterStar 22nd June, 2006

Very good,specially the graphics.
Apart from a few bugs its an excellent game.
Thumbs up!
Posted by Keatontech! 22nd June, 2006

I done gotta get me a copy!
Posted by Keatontech! 22nd June, 2006

My system doesn't even meet the minimum requirements... oh well, i'm gonna try it anyway.
Posted by HOSJ 22nd June, 2006

Wait, Broomie did something productive?

Shit, I need to come on here more often.
Posted by Broomie 23rd June, 2006
Rated :

Jesus, Keaton what are your system specs?
Posted by ben mercer 24th June, 2006

Holy crap this is amazing! It just shows what a team can do working together.

I didn't really dig KQ3 that much because it was so horribly unfair- you'd die all the time due to circumstances you couldn't possibly predict and it just got irritating after a while. I played it through to the end with help from a walkthrough.

Anyone who can remake an entire KQ game though, I bow down and call you master.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 24th June, 2006

Falling over the cat and dying in KQ3 is second only to the bit in KQ2 when you examine a rock only for it to explode and kill you.
Posted by Broomie 24th June, 2006
Rated :

Tripping over the cat has to be one of the most pathetic deaths ever, but there is an even worse one at the end.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th June, 2006

I can hardly wait.
Posted by ben mercer 25th June, 2006

HAHA I didn't know it was THAT bad! Tripping over the cat... jeez
Posted by Philip Dyer 25th June, 2006

HOW DO YOU GET THE CAT FUR?!?! I've been clicking on the cat for hours with out success
Posted by Werbad 26th June, 2006

Wtf!!!.. I HAVE to install it on C: Thats not good.. I want to be able to change to D: ...
Posted by Broomie 26th June, 2006
Rated :

That's also sorted in the patch.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 26th June, 2006

this is amazing but I've heard so many horror stories on how poorly made the King's Quest series is so I'll pass
Posted by Del Duio 27th June, 2006

It's not that it's made poorly, it's just due to the (relative) limitations games had back then. For what they had, these games were very good and well-written

When taken in that context, KQ3 is quite an accomplishment.
Posted by NamelessOne 28th June, 2006

No Offence or anything for the following
Kings Quest III Remake SUCKS ASS Dude

Google : Dink Smallwood, that game is SOOO much better in my opinion, this is just CCCRRRAAAPPP.
Posted by awesomeasapossum 28th June, 2006

This game is great! I love it! Thanks so much!
Posted by Proto Belmont 29th June, 2006

Just ignore people like him, Broomie. You've done an grand job, this game has brought so many great memories back...

(P.S. I might be slightly sadistic, but I try to find every death sequence I can remeber of.)
Posted by ben mercer 7th July, 2006

Ha, well if he thinks that saying all that isn't offensive then he really is a pillock.

Finished the game. While it is generally of a very high standard, it was extremely buggy towards the end and it crashed a lot.

I also disliked waiting for the wizard to wake up/ waiting for the pirates to get "land ho" but since that is part of the original game i can hardly blame you.





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