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Hero of Infamous Kingdoms
Author: Broomie Submitted: 1st April, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 611
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Bromios on 6/11/2005 - Just to let you know this was an extended April Fool's Day joke, here is our latest press release.

We are VERY pleased to announce that Codename Entertainment, Hero6, Infamous Adventures, Project Katrina, and Solar Crescent Studios have merged to form Silver Sphinx Studios, a team that is dedicated to create the next generation of oldskool adventures. We've had to keep this in the upmost secrecy over the last few months and are very happy to be able to at last share this exciting news with you, the fans of adventure gaming!

Not only have we merged our project teams, we have also merged our projects and have created a game for you to enjoy! YES, we've already created an entire game, ready for download!

As this is a team game I can't take all the credit to myself, I helped out with art, animating and being the video admin and webmaster.


Hero of Infamous Kingdoms

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Posted by Joey Drasal 1st April, 2005

nice game u got there!
Posted by Hempuli 1st April, 2005

wow:0.Looks nice. I download it later.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 1st April, 2005

If you're wondering how he did the picture inside the text. Look no more, the Photext tutorial is here; Ok, sorry about that :P Anyway, downloading and it looks great.
Posted by akim 1st April, 2005

Looks realy great! 50 % hehe!
Posted by Wicked Studios 1st April, 2005

If the kingdom is so infamous, how come ive never heard of it before? Just kidding your game looks great. Definetely my GOTW so far.
Posted by Joshua M. 2nd April, 2005

Because it's infamous
Posted by a1018 2nd April, 2005

amikodumunun oyunu (very nice) :)
Posted by Joshua M. 2nd April, 2005

What language is that? :P
Posted by Jimbob 2nd April, 2005

Hmm...nice graphics, it's a shame they don't really match up from one screen to the next. Have you taken them from all your separate projects? The riddles were a nice touch but nothing else really interested me. Hope you manage to develop the class difference further in your next project, it's an interesting idea.
Posted by DaVince 2nd April, 2005

Made with AGS huh? Looks great, tho the standard icons and the standard textbox GUI are, er, standard. You'd better replace 'em.
Posted by Kris 2nd April, 2005

Yeah, what Jim said about the graphics. Great game (so far) though
Posted by Ben Berntsen 2nd April, 2005

Fun game... graphics look ripped... I'm stuck on the riddles part :^p
Posted by Mike from Tri-World Creations 2nd April, 2005

infamous pretty much means famous for the wrong reason.
Posted by Broomie 2nd April, 2005

The graphics are not ripped apart from the hero sprite, which is infact a modified version of the protagonist (main character for small word people) of Quest for Glory 3. The backgrounds, NPC sprites and dialog animations are all original.
Posted by Broomie 5th April, 2005

Got the pixie dust?
Posted by Kara Vortex 5th April, 2005

Hi , even though it turned out that the merge was an April Fools joke , ( man ...people got me good that day 'cause I wasn't aware until it was too late what day it was and why people were joking around and stuff ) , this is still a game to me and a great one at that. For anyone having problems solving the game , check out the hints and tips or do a search at Or you could check out my walkthrough , ( when whoever's in charge will put it up / approve it already!!! ) , at :
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 7th April, 2005

Cool, I'll download it and try and review it.
Posted by Simon Colmer 11th April, 2005

guys, doesnt the game nominated and voted GOTW have to made using a click product? as this isnt!!
Posted by Broomie 11th April, 2005

Don't have a fit dude, Last week's GOTW wasn't either.
Posted by kankki 12th April, 2005

Oh,nice graphics but... BORING!
Posted by Broomie 16th April, 2005

That's because you're probably 12 and don't understand games like this. Go play your shitty First Person Shooters.
Posted by ben mercer 11th May, 2005

nice! looks very king's quest-esque
Posted by Greasy 9th July, 2006

ha yeah Shitty FPS's!





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