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Anime Rally
Author: Bartman Submitted: 28th June, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 331

Edited By Bartman on 1/26/2007

Edited By Bartman on 1/24/2007

UPDATE! Anime Rally itself is up at a new home. Now availible once again!

A project for 3 years, after several back-ups, corrupted files and a hard drive failure, I'm proud to present my latest title (and possibly last Click game) Anime Rally.

Its how it sounds, I was tired of seeing these anime characters go into these routine video game knock offs that dont sound very creative. Puzzle, fighting and Role Playing games are the worst in these categories.

I wanted to make a racing game using a Click product and, obviously not for it to suck. So hey, put two together and this is what happens.

Anime Rally may be quite a download, but its still worth the admission, especially for a fan game of its own, yes despite being a fan game you may as well be suprised: Anime Rally features a custom-made engine mixing both Mario Kart and RC Pro Am game mechanics in an top-head view, offroad, zany character kart racer featuring anime and manga favorites such as Pokemon, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, as well as 8 other characters to discover as players race through 8 courses, each with their own theme, including Pallet Town, Silver Millenium and Snake Way. The game also features its own gameplay mechanic in which players must fill their special bar during the race by picking up items, when the bar is filled, the player can use their character's special attack, every character in the game has their own attack, and adds new strategy next to the weight classes of each character, which range from easy controllable Lightweights, to the dead-even Middleweights, to very challenging but rewarding controls for Heavyweights.

While not a first at everything, you can expect a Single Player experience with 3 gameplay modes to help players familiarialize theirselves with the environment of each level. As well as the most intense usage of the Sub-Application format supporting a 4 player mode. (Joy to Key users may want to take advantage of the uncustomizable keyboard control)

But what is customizable is the changable camera type, multiplayer matches and even swap names for the characters from English names to the original Japanese names, perfect for purists.

Its time to see who is the best racer on the road, the ultimate fan game racer is here, welcome to Anime Rally.

I should also note that I'm launching a mini site for the game. You can find it at:

You can check the site out for hints, tips, and patches for the game, as well as a music pack.

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 28th June, 2006

I see you included Ranma - I've only just started watching that. I'm just trying to get past how mental it is.

Nice game, by the way.
Posted by 28th June, 2006

Yay it's out!!! and please make more than 2 click games/
Posted by Werbad 28th June, 2006

Nice game! I cannot play multiplayer though... My antivirus program thinks that Messagebox and asker is a virus -_-;
Posted by Del Duio 28th June, 2006

Tell me there's an unlockable Rick from Robotech with a black, white, and yellow veritech kart and I'll suffer the 56k download!

P.S: Or maybe Leona and Bonaparte from New Dominon Tank Police?
Posted by Jeremiah Henley 28th June, 2006

Nope. Sorry folks. No Rick from robotech. And he's never even seen Tank Police. That would have made a good racer though.
Posted by Bartman 28th June, 2006

What can you expect from a one-man effort? =P
Posted by Del Duio 28th June, 2006

Kaneda on his red motorcycle??
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 28th June, 2006

Merielle on her Yellow Vespa
Posted by 28th June, 2006

ehh it wasn't as good as I thoguth it would be.
Posted by Greasy 1st July, 2006

I can't select a map, they all have X's and when I press control it does nothing.
Posted by Cazra 1st July, 2006

is there Popotan?
Posted by Bartman 2nd July, 2006

Someobdy does not read the read me.
Posted by Bartman 2nd September, 2006

Anime Rally was recently announced "Best in Show" of Sonic Amateur Games Expo 11. Just barely won, but its quite the shocker to me.
Posted by The Chris Street 9th November, 2006

Posted by UnknownAlly 11th January, 2009

I'm downloading this






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