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Super Mario Arcade Engine
Author: Bartman Submitted: 20th July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 341

Edited By Bartman on 7/20/2006

NOTE: MMF 1.5 required, comes with exe and open source file.

I'm mostly posting this for the guy behind the TMNT engine, but anyone is more than welcome to check out this engine. Reason giving it out is that I'm losing interest in the Click scene and...I'm hoping to sometime soon get into programming, after I finish college that is.

Also, I'm a bit fresh out of ideas for this engine that I have. Basically, players play as Mario and Luigi in this side scroller beat-em-up. I tried to make players feel that they're playing a game in MAME, only slightly less illegal. Players will experience two player simeltaneous action with a new way of smacking opponents with hammers; stars fly out from enemies that smack into other enemies, and watch them bounce helplessly as you pummel through this, level demo.


3 enemies, goombas, koopa troopas and one boss: Chargin' Chuck!
Coin-inserting action
Two player cooperative! Smack them with teamplay such as a 'Volleyhammer' attack, which players trap and hit enemies back and forth.
Authentic scrolling that responds to Mario, Luigi or Both Mario and Luigi

Sadly I couldnt think of a way to make the game harder, and obviously, I had a bigger project that took most of my time away from it. You know what I'm talking about

Anyone, someone finish this or something!

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Posted by The Chris Street 20th July, 2006

See, this is how to make a good description.
Posted by Bartman 20th July, 2006

By the way, the Mario and Luigi sprites are courtesy of Doc Wario, as is some parts of the background. The rest are obviously ripped.

Also, I'm quite flattered, Circy, scared the hell out of me when I saw the news post about submitting downloads, I thought Mario Arcade Engine was smacked down or something, =P
Posted by Del Duio 20th July, 2006

No, as long as you didn't whine and cry about it taking too long to appear on the D/L list, it wasn't you
Posted by alperoz49 24th July, 2006

i dont like other games engines they are not original and only fan of that games are interested in.I prefer original games instead TMNT or mario or so.
Posted by Zethell 26th July, 2006

this isnt an engine, this is a game with the source.
Posted by Bartman 29th July, 2006

You could say it was abandoned, I just quickly threw the thing up here...
Posted by Lucas Geniza 1st January, 2007

Wheredid you get the Super Smash Brother Sounds from?
Posted by dndfreak 13th January, 2009

broken link





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